Every Thing You Need To Know About Bisen

Every Thing You Need To Know About Bisen

BISEN was established in 2015 to bring the pooled experience of the United Kingdom to the global market to provide integrated solutions. This UK-registered company is backed by the UK government and leads a proactive business coalition in growing trade and capacity with international partners. The company offers comprehensive skills and knowledge that can assist firms in developing markets, defining needs, and delivering successful programmes. Their experienced team has access to the UK supply base for unique equipment, training, and support solutions technologies. The BISEN group can offer engineering and programme management support options throughout the program’s life cycle.


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The governing team selects BISEN members. There are now 32 firms that have joined the development forum. These firms are registered in the United Kingdom and have proven and relevant knowledge, experience, equipment, and a proven record to offer to potential partners. The current members of BISEN provide their expertise and technical support in areas like maritime, survey, security and transport. The forum meets regularly with representatives from the UK government and is open for new membership.


BISEN began its work in Nigeria and the Gulf of Guinea. It has devoted the last 18 months doing needs assessments, gaining government backing for action, and developing credible and cost-effective solutions. In April 2015, the first deal was signed in Nigeria. BISEN is beginning to investigate the new potential in the GCC Arab states, ASEAN Member States, countries bordering the North West route, and South America for the industries in which it is operating.

Bisen Sectors

BISEN’s activities are limited to three sectors: maritime security, energy, and healthcare. Due to organisational structures and operational goals, these are in certain nations inextricably connected. Like in the oil and gas business, where offshore or delta activities need infrastructure, human resources, and shipping security, many employees anticipate high-quality healthcare. BISEN may provide experience in deployable medical care facilities, medical transport in the form of helicopters, hovercraft, or wheeled ambulances, modern, fully equipped major hospitals and electronic systems, training, mentorship, and assistance to maintain an effective medical care chain.


Member firms of BISEN provide realistic and effective solutions to marine and inland waterway needs, such as:

  • Complete hovercraft capabilities
  • Waterside infrastructure and operational bases that are temporary, robust, self-sufficient, and re-deployable
  • Passive surveillance
  • Active polling
  • Situational Compilation Sensitivity and incident reporting

Programs for education, skills, training, and mentorship that are linked to academic networks and operational mentoring teams

BISEN members also provide overhead and sideways facing survey and surveillance by satellite, aircraft, helicopter, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), vessel, waterside infrastructure, and man-portable sensors. Solutions can be modified for long-term or specialised temporary purposes. Here are several examples:

  • Pipeline and cable routes, for example, are examples of critical national infrastructure.
  • Bridges, power plants, and oil rigs are examples of structures.
  • Energy licenses, farming land, forests, fishery, and ecological zones are examples of such areas.
  • Pollution control zones for early leak detection, tracing the source and consequences and compiling court proof.

Situational awareness and incident reporting in one place

Clearwater is the main business in combining and presenting sources of information from member firms and other sources to give a unified picture of situational awareness. The data is shown in real-time and may be utilised for exception and issue detection, decision support, reaction task force monitoring, and trend reporting. The Clearwater common situational awareness tools are useful to government personnel when a coordinated and coherent response across various agencies and external stakeholders is necessary. Clearwater may supply SatC Raptor tracking devices for use with vessel tracking systems or licences for vessels that do not meet IMO AIS rules. Clearwater collaborates closely with third-party firms, including BISEN members who provide data from their survey and surveillance systems and external groups like IHS, Janes, AIS, and Skywave.

Learning And Development

It is crucial to BISEN and its members that they impart expertise and assist the learning and development of local individuals engaging in their projects to supply the qualified workforce required to fulfil the range of high-quality employment produced. BISEN’s goal in this field is to assist in developing talented and motivated workers who contribute to the sustainability and durability of communities and, therefore, to the population’s security and prosperity.

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