Five Tips for Renovating a Motorhome

Five Tips for Renovating a Motorhome

The freedom afforded to anyone who’s lucky enough to own their own motorhome is entirely unparalleled and if you have either just bought one, or are currently looking, then you’ve clicked on the right article.

There are numerous advantages to choosing to invest in a secondhand model over a brand-new one and here are some exceedingly helpful renovation tips.

1.   Re-upholster the seats

Relaxing with a good book or playing a board game with the family are perfect activities when on a motorhome vacation with the family overnight and all such fun takes place in the main seating area of the cabin.

With this in mind, it makes sense to spend time and a little money re-upholstering the entire seating unit, which will heighten both the aesthetic appearance, as well as your comfort levels.

2.   Maximize daylight with a skylight

Especially if you’re planning on a vacation in the fall or winter months, you’ll want to make the most of the daylight every day, even when you’re just chilling out, so the installation of a skylight may well make a big difference.

Follow this step-by-step guide for the DIY installation of a skylight:

  • Measure the middle of the roof and choose the best location
  • Check inside where you’re proposing to install the skylight
  • Mark out the space for the skylight
  • Drill four holes in each corner and use a saw to cut a sharp and accurate square
  • File down the edges with sandpaper
  • Use a strong and high-quality sealant to secure the skylight in place

3.   Be sensible when it comes to your budget

Naturally, with any renovation project, you nearly always end up spending more money than you initially planned, but when taking insurance, tax and other outgoings for your motorhome into consideration, you have to realize when enough is enough.

If you would absolutely love a new motorhome, then you could consider looking into financing with prestigious companies such as Auto Finance Online, and this way, you wouldn’t have to spend so much time, money and energy on renovations.

4.   The simple addition of a floor rug

Perhaps the simplest tip for renovating your motorhome is one that’s also one of the most affordable and effective and that is to treat yourself and your vehicle to a large floor rug.

Rugs are the best way to protect the actual flooring of your RV or motorhome and what’s more, if you choose one in a thick tread and solid, block color, you’ll also be able to hide a multitude of sins such as muddy boots and paws.

5.   Switch up the drapes

Finally, to upgrade the appearance of both the interior and exterior of your motorhome, you could also look to replace the drapes and/or blinds with newer, more modern versions.

As you’ll be aware, motorhomes and RVs are often subject to high levels of condensation in and around the windows, which can lead to rot, so thicker and durable drapes would be a sensible choice.

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