The latest women`s tank tops collection is must try fashion for women

The latest women`s tank tops collection is must try fashion for women

If you have not been out shopping recently then you may not know that stripes are back with a vengeance! Everywhere you look today stripes are present on dresses, women’s tank tops, fashion tops, and more. In the past striped patterns were seen as a fashion faux pas for women trying to look slimmer but today fashion designers have an entirely new take on this matter. There is no reason why anyone shouldn’t wear stripes when they do so correctly. Of course, there are a few fashion rules that apply here but nothing so complicated it doesn’t make wearing stripes worth the additional effort. Continue reading if you are interested in making a statement with a striped tank top or fashion top this summer.

Striped tank top:

Starting with the striped tank top you are no doubt aware of the versatility a tank top can bring to your wardrobe and the striped pattern is consistent with this as well. There is no event or location where stripes cannot be worn so with this being said you can take any striped tank top and wear it as you see fit on any given day; now this is fashion freedom! The tank top we are referring to in particular is made by expert fashion designers and offers an asymmetrical style to it as well. It offers a deep scoop neck and the asymmetrical shape of this top allows you to tie the top at one side as was the trend many years ago. The trends of the past always come back in some way or another.

Do online shopping:

With just a few steps taken inside Kameymall, you will find stripes in the form of halter tops, strapless tops, tube tops, spaghetti strapped tops, racerback tanks, and even one-shoulder tops as well. The options are endless. Keep in mind that the striped pattern certainly does not have to mean the traditional blue and white stripes, suggesting a nautical style. Stripes today consist of bolder and brighter colors that allow each person to make their type of statement. Generally, you will find stripes to consist of two main colors, one being neutral to balance the boldness of the other color. This is what makes the style versatile. Two bold colors paired together can be a bit overwhelming and even tacky in some cases.


Tunic-length tank tops are hot this year and you will most commonly find them in stripes but with a rounded bottom in many cases as well. Because the tunic length is so long a unique bottom is sometimes necessary so the fashion top doesn’t cover up the chosen bottoms you are wearing. A rounded bottom allows this to happen while not interfering with the style of the tank top itself. No matter what type of stripped tank top you are searching for today, start online and search through the Kameymall collection and find high fashion for low prices.

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