The Ultimate Guide to Finding FSBO Leads

The Ultimate Guide to Finding FSBO Leads

Selling a house without the assistance of a real estate agent can seem overwhelming. However, there are some effective methods to locate and secure FSBO leads that can ultimately result in successful listings.

Regardless of your chosen strategy, you will need access to homeowner contact information.

Check the Local County Delinquent Taxpayer List

Every county across the US has a delinquent property list, and these properties are sold at auction for close to their back property taxes. You can get these lists by contacting your local County Treasurer’s office. Some counties will send you the list via mail, while others will refer you to their website.

Once a year, the county holds a tax sale for properties that have not been paid in 2 years or more. This includes real estate, mobile homes, and boats. Delinquent real estate and boat taxes are sold to the highest bidder at the auction, and a tax lien certificate is issued to the purchaser.

The county then attempts to collect the taxes from the owner over 2 years. The process involves sending the property owner 2 regular and 3 certified letters, making a personal site visit, and publishing the tax sale in the newspaper.

If the property owner does not pay the taxes within this time frame, the Treasurer’s office will contact them about possible foreclosure action. If you can find a way to reach the property owners before this happens, you will have an edge over other buyers.

Post on Social Media

Social media can be a great way to generate the best FSBO lead sources for your business. However, it’s important to post quality content and be consistent. Also, using a tool that will help you schedule your posts and track their performance is important.

When posting to social media, you should include a mix of different types of content. This includes timely posts, evergreen blog posts, and videos. This will keep your audience engaged and give them value. Additionally, it would help if you focused on using popular hashtags and tagging other relevant accounts.

Lastly, it would help if you also considered running a social media contest or giveaway. This will generate much buzz and can be an effective way to drive new leads. Just include a sign-up form for your newsletter or email list.

There are many ways to generate leads on social media, and it’s important to try a few different tactics before finding what works best for you. To get started, look at your industry’s top social media platforms and determine which ones your target audience uses. Once you have done that, optimize your social media pages to make them more appealing.

Send a Direct Mailer

Direct mail can help you target residents with time-sensitive promotional offers. It can also be used to introduce new customers to your business. If you need help figuring out where to start, look for a full-service marketing agency that can handle all your direct mail needs. These agencies specialize in specific industries, such as telemedicine, B2B companies, and financial advisors. They may also offer mailing lists for a fee, or you can build your prospect list.

When selecting a direct mailer, consider their experience and clientele. Look for a company with a track record of success with businesses in your industry. They should also be able to adjust their services to match your needs. Direct mailers can come in various formats, including postcards, catalogs, and brochures. You should also choose a format that is compatible with your marketing goals. For example, a postcard is a great choice for announcing an event or sales, but a brochure may be the better option to provide more detailed information about your products and services.

Create a Website

For sale by owners can be a great source of real estate leads. They are typically motivated to sell their homes and often need help selling their properties. Working FSBOs is a long-term game that requires consistent follow-up and the ability to provide value. However, if you can do this effectively, you can quickly add four to six homes to your monthly listing count.

Expired and withdrawn listings are another great way to find leads. These homeowners have listed their homes but have either withdrawn them or failed to sell the property. They may be frustrated with the process or have found that it is more work than anticipated. They might be open to working with an agent to reduce their workload and speed up the sales process.

A good FSBO lead generation company will search local websites, classifieds, and newspapers for properties being advertised for sale by the owner. They will then compile the contact information into a list of leads for you. These companies will also help you get more leads by promoting your listing on social media and using other marketing techniques.

Send a Text

Whether you are prospecting FSBO leads or expired listing leads, it is important to be prepared for questions and objections. FSBO leads may be more difficult to convert as they spent months (and sometimes even years) trying to sell their property independently and might be reluctant to work with real estate agents again.

Having a clear understanding of your value as a real estate agent can help you overcome these objections. The key is to help the FSBO understand that by hiring you, they will not only save time but also money.

If you’re ready to prospect FSBOs, check out our FSBO Leads and Expired Listings Data. This FSBO leads package, along with our simple script and REDX’s industry-leading data, will help you start packing your pipeline full of listings. If you want a tool to help you prospect, Vulcan7 offers the best FSBO dialer with a pre-built FSBO list and premier video messaging tools. Get started with a free trial today! Getting a text is more likely to be read than an email.

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