Jewelry Superstitions: Do you believe?

Jewelry Superstitions: Do you believe?

Tell me have you seen different colors of stone rings on the finger of various men and women? Looks so fascinating and in fact they are easily available at Stone Jewellers.  But do you know the real reason of wearing them?

Today, we are here with ten fascinating jewelry superstitions that will definitely blow your mind.

Jewelry Beliefs

Jewelry to Ward Off Evil

Everyone wants to protect their loved ones from bad vibes and no one wants to be jinxed. In some cultures, evil eye jewelry is worn when babies are born. The beautiful and mysterious blue-colored evil eye eradicates the bad intentions of the surrounding people and protects the baby.

If you don’t have a piece of evil eye jewelry then you can also opt for silver jewelry as it also keeps the bad spirit away. Silver also shares antibacterial properties and was used to cure various types of infections. Perhaps this superstition is quite true.

Pearls Produce Tears

It’s a very famous jewelry superstition that states that wearing pearls on the wedding day forecasts tears in a marriage. Quite hilarious! Another myth about pearl jewelry is that it only gives you tears when you buy them yourself. This means if someone gifts you a pearl set you can happily carry it and flaunt it without tears.

Some so many brides wear gorgeous pearl sets and have jaw-dropping beauty. What about them? So maybe they are unaware of this jewelry myth.

Is it unlucky to wear both gold and silver jewelry together?

Wearing both silver and gold bracelets is a huge fashion statement nowadays. Bracelets are stacked together and give a sparkling ‘boho chic’ look. This superstition is wrong as there are so many people around us who are wearing this combo and living their life happily. Don’t believe everything you hear!

Cannot wear the ring on the wedding ring finger.

When I was a kid, I also believed in this superstition. I have been worried that if I wear any ring on my wedding finger, my Mr. Right will not come to me. But this isn’t at all true guys, hence don’t miss the new stacking rings trend and just wear rings on whatever finger you want. Your Mr. Right is already selected by God and he will reach you at the correct time.

Opals are unlucky.

Some pieces of jewellery are born to remove bad vibes from life and to welcome happiness. In Roman times, opal was considered the most precious gemstone. It is a white semi-precious stone that is used to make different ornaments and changes color at different times. You can completely ignore that opal and its not possible to eradicate opals from ornaments as its luster is equal to the luster of an extremely beautiful gemstone diamond.

Do not take your engagement ring off.

Who’s unaware of this superstition ladies? It’s a saying that removing an engagement ring is a bad omen for the bride-to-be and creates problems in their marriage. Also, it helps you to stay away from others and no one can flirt with you. Quite funny! That’s the reason behind choosing a sober engagement ring rather than the fancy one.

Hold back Heirloom Jewellery

For women, jewelry is not a piece of metal instead it’s their sentiments attached to every piece. Old-age people in our society think that giving their heirloom jewelry to their granddaughter or grandson is a way to bless their new life. But, as per the superstition if someone’s married life isn’t happy and successful then they should not give their jewelry to the new couple as it spread negative energy in their new married life.

Comment down your favorite superstition from the above list and stay in touch to get more updates.

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