The Benefits Of CBD For Boosting Metabolism

The Benefits Of CBD For Boosting Metabolism


Are you counting calories to keep your weight in check? You may have heard people blaming slow metabolism for their weight gain. Metabolism refers to the chemical process of converting calories you consume to energy. Weight gain can occur due to other factors like:

  • Genetic makeup
  • Diet composition
  • Hormonal control
  • Lifestyle

But, metabolism can also impact weight loss due to the rate of calories burned. Is it possible to boost metabolism to burn the extra calories? Among the different options, people have turned to CBD. CBD or cannabidiol has become a craze in the health and wellness industry. It has become a holistic option to boost metabolism. The studies supporting the theory remain in the initial stages. But, the results obtained can point to better results. Here are some of the benefits of using CBD linked to your metabolism:

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CBD And Metabolism

CBD And Metabolism


Cannabidiol is one of the prominent compounds in cannabis. It has become a craze in the wellness and health industry. People believe that CBD can address the following issues without causing a high:

  • Neurological problems
  • Neuropathic pain
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Cancer-related symptoms
  • Insomnia

Can CBDGenesis products aid in better metabolism? Here are some of the potential effects of CBD’s impact on metabolism:

Lower Food Intake And Boost Metabolism

The CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system (ECS) can influence hunger and metabolism. When the CB2 receptors remain active, they can trigger anti-obesity effects. A study on rats indicated that CBD activates the CB2 receptor. It may lead to a significant reduction in weight gain without limiting food intake.

Another study indicated that CBD may have led to reduced appetite. Compared to other cannabinoids (cannabinol and cannabigerol), CBD can lower the urge to eat food. The animal study gives researchers hope. But, it requires human studies to support the claim.

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CBD Can Promote Browning Of Fat Cells

Your body can store white and brown fat in the body. White fat plays a vital role in storing and supplying energy. It also cushions the organs in the body. Unfortunately, excess accumulation of white fat can also trigger illnesses like heart problems and diabetes. Brown fat can generate heat by calorie burning. More brown fat than white fat can ensure overall wellness. It is possible to convert white fat to brown in the following methods:

  • Exercising
  • Exposure to cold temperature
  • Sleep well at night

Using CBD products can also convert white fat to brown fat. A study on animals found that CBD may brown the white-fat cells. CBD can also enhance specific gene and proteins expression. But, the research remains restricted to animals. It requires studies on humans to confirm the effects.

Cannabis Use May Lead To Lower Body Weight

Cannabis Use May Lead To Lower Body Weight


A study conducted on more than fifty thousand people indicated cannabis use leads to lower body weight. It noted the obesity rate of 14% to 17% in people using cannabis for three days a week. It seems low compared to the people not using cannabis. The obesity rate remained around 22% to 25% in people not taking cannabis. Scientists feel CBD in cannabis may have caused reduced body weight. Cannabis containing CBD may impact appetite, weight-related body functions, and metabolism. But, it requires further studies to conclude the effectiveness of CBD in lowering body weight.

Tips To Use CBD For Boosting Metabolism

Tips To Use CBD For Boosting Metabolism


Are you planning to include CBD in your routine? Then, follow the tips suggested below. It may aid in getting maximum benefits without suffering from any side effects.

Get Professional Guidance

It is better to seek professional assistance before starting any supplement. An expert can guide you to determine the exact dosage and method to use CBD. Some people suffer from underlying health conditions or medications. They should only include CBD after getting the all-clear from a professional. This is especially important if you are considering using THC. In states like Mississippi, the use of cannabis is limited to medical patients only. To legally obtain medical marijuana in Mississippi, one must undergo a medical evaluation by a licensed physician and obtain a valid Mississippi medical marijuana card. By working with a doctor, you can ensure that you are using THC safely and legally, while also receiving expert guidance on dosage, potential side effects, and any relevant health concerns.

Choose Organic Brand

CBD has no approval from the FDA. Hence, you can find products containing harmful contaminants or high levels of THC. To avoid it, choose the CBD product from a reputed brand. Look for a Clean Green Certified brand. Such brands undergo third-party testing to determine the purity of CBD in the product.

Best Product And Dose

You can try using a full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD product for better results. Try to start CBD products at a lower dose. You may increase the dosage gradually according to your requirement. Monitor for any issues after taking CBD.

Method Of Consumption

The method you consume CBD can also make a difference. If you have chosen CBD oil, take it after meals. You can take it after working out. Make sure the meal contains fat for better absorption of CBD. Are you planning to take CBD oil before a workout? You can consume it with a tablespoon of coconut oil. Your body may absorb more CBD when you take it with fat.

People choosing to inhale CBD can use an electronic vaporizer. Find one made specifically for dry herb inhalation. You can inhale CBD before or after any activity.

You can also try oral ingestion of CBD. Place CBD tincture under the tongue before or after any activity for better absorption.


While CBD may address several health issues, research linked to it remains at an infant stage. Hence, you need to proceed with caution. Never consider CBD as a holy grail to deal with health issues. Also, never substitute CBD for a healthy lifestyle. Consult a professional to use CBD without triggering complications.

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