How to Plan Your Modern Bathroom Remodel

How to Plan Your Modern Bathroom Remodel

Are you looking to completely overhaul your bathroom to give it a modern look?

Modernizing your bathroom is an excellent idea. It can boost the value of your home and improve your comfort while using the bathroom.

For most, the bathroom is a space that requires constant cleaning and cosmetic changes. But if you want to demolish the entire space and build a brand-new modern bathroom, then that is a different story.

Are you interested in learning how to plan a modern bathroom remodel? Then this is the guide for you. Below, we take a look at what you need to know about modernizing a bathroom.

Establish Your Design Aesthetic

The first step in planning your modern bathroom remodeling is to determine your design aesthetic. You’ll need to decide on the paint color, flooring, fixture, and hardware finishes. Outline what particular style of modern design you would like to achieve.

Take advantage of online resources and magazines to gain inspiration and ideas. Collect visuals to help you determine the look and feel of your perfect bathroom. Color, texture, pattern, and structure all have their place in modern design aesthetics.

Select Fixtures and Fittings

Selecting fixtures and fittings is a crucial part of planning your bathroom renovation. Consider your current bathroom space and what elements you’d like to keep. For example, if you prefer the existing vanity and bathtub but would like to update the look, you can choose fixtures and fittings to complement them, such as new mirrors, light fixtures, tiles, and taps.

For new mirrors, learn more about custom mirrors and consider the size of the available space and the type of design you want to achieve. Compare designs and materials, such as chrome, brass, stainless steel, or matte black.

Find fixtures and fittings that balance style and practicality. Look for design continuity, and ensure all fixtures and fittings fit together.

Incorporate Technology and Automation

It is important to incorporate technology and automation to make your bathroom luxurious and efficient. Consider installing a voice-controlled shower for your morning routine. Heated floors are great when stepping out of the shower during cold winter mornings.

For lighting, consider installing light strips that can be controlled through your smartphone. Smart faucets and phone chargers are just a few more ideas that can make your morning routine easier. Automation technology can be used to enhance the safety of a new bathroom.

Plan for Maintenance and Upkeep

It is important to consider the upkeep and maintenance that will go into keeping it looking sharp and functioning properly. You must plan for the plumbing, electrical, and ventilation upgrades. You must determine what materials will be used and what type of maintenance they may need.

Tile, for example, will need to be cleaned and sealed to protect it from water and moisture damage, while vinyl or laminate may need regular wiping with damp cloths. Budget for accessories such as shower curtains and robe hooks, as well as extra cleaners, tools, and sponges.

Learn How to Plan a Modern Bathroom Remodel

When remodeling your modern bathroom, careful planning and attention to detail are essential. It is important to choose materials that are waterproof and will last in the conditions of a bathroom.

Review all the steps required to achieve your desired look and contact professionals when necessary. Planning will help ensure a successful remodeling project. Now, start planning your modern bathroom remodel today!

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