Post-Chemo Care: Five Things to Tame the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Post-Chemo Care: Five Things to Tame the Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Needless to say, cancer is a life-threatening disease. It’s impossible to survive the disease without proper treatment, but guess what? Its treatment comes with its own side effects.

Let’s take the example of chemotherapy, a known treatment option for cancer. Chemotherapy, of course, helps treat cancer but at the same time, it breaks your body. It has multiple side effects. It leaves you in sheer nausea and pain.

In this article today, I’m going to share with you a few effective remedies to take the side effects of chemotherapy. Let’s get this started:

A Morning Walk 

Hardcore workouts may not be possible for a person who’s just out of chemotherapy but a morning walk is still necessary. Chemotherapy makes you lethargic and one way to manage the fatigue is a morning walk.

It can boost your energy levels and shift your focus while decreasing your stress levels. I usually suggest walking in the greenery, in a nearby park or lawn. Also, don’t forget to take short naps during the day so that you don’t get tired from the workout.

Medical Marijuana 

Medical marijuana is legally prescribed to people with cancer. It comes with many health benefits and one of them happens to be pain relief. Chemotherapy causes a lot of pain. Body aches are a regular part of life for someone with cancer.

While many herbs claim to be effective for pain management, none of them is as effective as medical marijuana. Ask your physician to prescribe you 1000mg THC gummies and see the magic.

Scalp Cooling 

Another common side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss. Many people lose all of their hair when going through chemotherapy and of course, it’s traumatic for them. An efficient way to prevent hair loss is scalp cooling.

It involves cooking your head during the chemotherapy process. It works by reducing blood flow to your scalp, which stops the chemotherapy drug from affecting your hair. Hypothermia caps are available at all leading pharmacies these days, so getting one won’t be an issue.


Chemotherapy brings along severe nausea, which stops you from eating. When you don’t eat, you eventually lose your body’s minerals, protein, and vitamins, which further causes weakness.

To gain your strength back, you need to take an adequate amount of calories per day. If your appetite doesn’t allow you to have a proper meal, eat in portions. Have 5-6 smaller meals instead of three bigger ones.

Body Massage 

Last but not least, go for a body massage once a week. Body massage is super effective to tame the side effects of chemotherapy. From relieving fatigue to aiding digestive issues and increasing blood circulation in the body, body massage can help you with it all.

It is also effective in managing stress and anxiety levels in your body. Just make sure the massage therapy is not too hard for your skin as your skin becomes more and more sensitive after chemotherapy.

Rest assured, the tips mentioned above will surely help you get back to a relatively active lifestyle. However, be sure to consult your physician before trying them out. Good luck!

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