How to Make Holiday Apartments Feel Like a 5-star Hotel

How to Make Holiday Apartments Feel Like a 5-star Hotel

You’re waiting for that first 5-star review on TripAdvisor or Google My Business, right? That will draw more guests and make them pick your Airbnb rather than your local competition. So, will you need furniture for hotels to give your guests a hotel-like experience and ensure they tell their friends about you for all the right reasons? Or is it the bathroom towel set you need to upgrade?

We’ve compiled a short list of very effective tips for anyone marketing holiday apartments or their Airbnb cottage. Get these aspects right and the bookings will come flooding in.

The Welcoming Party

Start making a good impression even in the way you set up guests’ booking-in day. The goal is to make it as effortless as possible for them, so they don’t get even more irritable than they already are after the long journey.

If they need to pick up keys, rather let someone meet them on site than them driving around in an unfamiliar town. Also, investing in keyless access with apps or a keypad shows you’re there to streamline their holiday.

First Impressions

When they walk in the door, what they see must impress, so that positivity helps them see the rest of the apartment in a good light. For example, can impress with a view through huge windows thanks to the drapes already being open.

Alternatively, a welcome basket with all they need—from Wi-Fi codes to restaurant menus—should await them. If they arrive late in the day, switch on a light before their arrival so they don’t stumble around in the dark.

Spacious and Uncluttered

As they move through the rooms it’s essential that there’s no clutter, so as far as possible, place items inside cupboards and drawers. This is a more calming environment and you’re also making more space available to them to use for personal items.

Colour Schemes

Along with the spaciousness, pick colours that are calming and soothing. Some experts suggest sticking to white colour palettes, since it suggests a hygienic environment and it also makes a room feel bigger. No wonder this is what you often see in luxury hotel suites.

However, you can add blue, green or grey hues for some character, since they’re also known to communicate a sense of peace.

Quality Furniture

You also need to communicate style and quality, which is easy to do simply by picking the right furniture. It’s best to consider customised hotel furniture for sale since it will suit the room and prevent a cluttered look. Also look for furniture that can serve multiple uses so you use less floor space. For example, coffee tables can have storage space inside and a small desk could double as a bedside table.

Provide Basic Essentials for Personal Care

Anyone visiting a luxury hotel knows they can expect certain items tucked into a drawer or the bedside table, aimed to make the stay comfortable even if you travelled light. Which of the following can you provide in a way that ensures it’s safe and hygienic to use?

  • Hairdryer
  • Quality, clean robe
  • Slippers
  • Sealed toothbrush
  • Travel size toothpaste and soap
  • Wash cloth
  • Body lotion
  • Comb
  • Shower cap

Linens and Towels

When guests wrap themselves in your towels or get comfortable under the bed sheets, do they experience the ultimate of luxury living? These are the ideal areas to really impress, simply by upgrading your linens.

Look for cotton sheets and duvet sets that have a high thread count, since this helps create a soft, non-abrasive surface. When selecting towels you can invest in everything from bath sheets to hand towels and bathroom mats with a high GSM rating—at least higher than 400. This indicates how soft and plush the towels will feel.

Also research how to make a bed properly and fold towels in a neat manner to impress with aesthetics.

Impressing All the Senses

Above we’ve mentioned ways to impress senses like touch and what guests see. Build on this by positively impacting other senses too:

  • Provide a radio or TV so guests can listen to music or enjoy their favourite Netflix shows.
  • Set out fragrant candles guests can light.
  • Install automated air fresheners to ensure there’s an inviting aroma at all times.

Snack Fridge—or Even Just a Tray

You should also impress the guests’ sense of taste. After all, most hotels have mini bars and room service. If your apartments’ size or your budget won’t allow for an entire fridge with drinks and snacks, a tray with coffee-making essentials and some rusks will suffice.

All guests want to feel cared for and provided for. Small gestures go a long way, as long as you meet a specific need.

Final Thoughts

Word of mouth is the best marketing medium so make sure your guests talk about you for all the right reasons. With luxury and comfort being priorities for anyone on a holiday, consider how you can provide it in every way possible—from furniture to the finest details. Soon, you’ll get those ratings you deserve.

Emma Chris

Emma Chris is the founder of Forbes Era. Emma helps businesses to make their online presence by helping them to connect with their potential customers.

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