How To Get Unconstipated- Methods That Work

How To Get Unconstipated- Methods That Work

If you asked a handful of doctors, each may define constipation a little bit differently. Some Doctors will tell you that you should be having a bowel movement multiple times a day, while another may say every couple days is still normal. Constipation is when you struggle to empty your bowels, and if you become uncomfortable or there is any deviation from your normal routine, you may be constipated. You will not want to let yourself go more than a few days without emptying your bowels. You will want to figure out what the root cause is, and then address that issue properly. If you do find yourself looking to remedy your constipation issue, here are ways that work that you may want to consider before reaching for the laxative. 

IV Therapy

If you are dehydrated, your body will be lacking the proper amount of water that it needs to hydrate your bowels. When you are properly hydrated, the water from your large intestine feeds the stool the moisture it needs to help it move through the digestive system and eventually become excreted. Sure, you can drink water to solve this, but it may take a long time to drink enough to rehydrate your body. If you are looking for quick relief, IV therapy will quickly help to rehydrate your body and will help your body to feel better much quicker. With IV therapy, the IV is able to go directly into your bloodstream and can rehydrate you much faster. 


Many people have become more sedative due to the nature of our lifestyle and jobs. When we are very sedentary, our body thinks it is being shut down, and goes into hibernation mode, causing our bowels to slow down. Exercising keeps our metabolism going which helps the digestive system to be active. When our body gets moving, so do our insides. 

Fibrous Foods and Natural Laxatives

Fibrous foods are what helps the stool to move in the digestive tract to eventually pass. Some foods are high in fiber and some are also natural laxatives. Foods that contain high fiber include: beans, lentils, green peas, artichoke, sweet potato, squash, broccoli, pumpkin, avocado, pear, apple, berries, orange, banana, guava, and chia seeds. Natural laxatives are prunes, plums, and senna. Senna is a herbal laxative. Consuming these types of foods will help to get the digestive system moving. 

Foods Containing Probiotics and Prebiotics

Probiotics are live bacteria that can help prevent constipation from happening by increasing stool consistency. Foods that contain probiotics are yogurt, sauerkraut and kimchi. Sauerkraut and kimchi are fermented foods that have natural probiotics that are beneficial to the gut. Prebiotic foods contain the fiber that your body needs to pass stools. Foods containing prebiotics include: onions, garlic, bananas, chicory, leeks, chickpeas, leeks and artichokes. All these foods are ones that you should consider adding to your diet to help your digestive system if you are struggling with constipation.

Probiotics vs Prebiotics

Probiotics help regulate bowel movements by promoting a balanced gut microbiota, while prebiotics support their growth, aiding in regularity and preventing constipation. Incorporating both can contribute to a healthy digestive system.


Magnesium helps by bringing water into the intestines which feeds the stool. Stool cannot pass if it is dry. If your constipation is due to dehydration, magnesium will be a great solution to a slow moving digestive system and has been proven to help aid in constipation. 


Constipation is a very common problem and nothing to be embarrassed about. If you are still struggling after a couple weeks, you may want to ask your doctor about what he thinks may be causing your constipation. He may be able to recommend some over the counter laxatives depending on your individual situation. 

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