What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A 10×10 Canopy

What You Need To Know Before Purchasing A 10×10 Canopy

The 10×10 canopy happens to be one of the largest selling shelter solution accessories, and there’s good reason for that.

  •   It has the optimum dimensions for any outdoor or indoor venue. And it protects you from the elements too.  
  •   For large outdoor venues, you can always employ multiple 10×10 canopy tents, arranged smartly to create a segmented pavilion. This way you can accommodate a large number of guests without having to use one large tent.
  •  10×10 branded pop up tents make for fantastic brand pavilions in tradeshows and exhibitions.
  •   You can have your tent customised with your brand logo and other associated graphics to convert it into your personalised brand promotion tool.
  •   10×10 canopies are extremely lightweight and easy to install. This means you can take your tent anywhere and pitch it without a hassle. Taking down one is equally easy.  
  •   These accessories come at an extremely competitive price point. Add this to their durable nature and you have a winner in your hands.

But how to choose your perfect 10×10 custom canopy tent? Here’s a list of things to look out for before buying tent.

  1. How’s the climate in your part of the globe?

The answer to that question should be at the top of your list of things to check before buying a canopy tent. Warm and dry climates can accommodate a variety of different tents. You can go for lighter fabrics and an airy setup. But if you inhabit a predominantly cold and damp part of the world, you need to keep provisions to safeguard yourself and your guests from cold and wet gusts. This means employing thicker canopy fabrics and PVC walls.

You should also consider installing rain gutters to facilitate water drainage in rainy conditions. Needless to say, you need to check if your tent frame is corrosion resistant or not. If you live in a particularly windy part of the globe, consider securing your tent with guy ropes, tent pegs and/or weights. More on this in the next section.

Please note: We do not advice pitching a tent in stormy weather.

Is your tent portable?

There’s no use buying an accessory that’s unwieldly and hard to install. Thankfully, modern 10×10 canopy tent is designed to be user-friendly. Top tent manufacturers employ a no-assembly-required design approach that makes pitching tents super-easy and fun. Here’s how to go about the task:

  • ·         Pull out the frame from the tent bag and expand it slightly. 
  • ·         Attach the canopy to the frame.
  • ·         Stretch the legs to their optimum height. 
  • ·         Now you are ready to expand the frame to its full size.
  • ·         Use fasteners to attach accessories to your tent.
  • ·         You may want to employ guy ropes with tent pegs to secure your tent on semi-hard ground.
  • ·         For hard surfaces like concrete, you may employ sandbags and weights along with footplates to secure your tent. 

Check for the materials used to manufacture your 10×10 canopy. Your tent canopy should be ideally made of PVC or Polyester. Both these materials are lightweight and easy to pack and carry. Aluminium frames are lighter than steel frames and hence easier to carry. But bear in mind, aluminium is slightly more expensive than steel.

Remember never to pitch your tent on boggy ground or near extruding tree branches. Both can do serious damage to your tent frame and fabric.

The canopy and the frame – what materials are they made of?

We have covered this in our previous section already. Here’s something to help you further with decision making.

  • ·         PVC and Polyester are both waterproof and UV-resistant. So, either will work to keep you safe from the elements.
  • ·         A coat of Polyurethane or PU can make Polyester even more waterproof. It also makes Polyester fire retardant.
  • ·         PVC is slightly heavier and less easy to fold than Polyester. But then Polyester, being a woven fabric, does tent to pill.
  • ·         Both materials can be easily customised to suit your tastes. You can have them in any colour you want, or have graphics printed on them. This means they are perfect for functioning as brand promotion tools.
  • ·         Talking of frames, aluminium is lighter and more corrosion resistant than steel. But steel is, of course, stronger and cheaper than the former. Steel can also be made corrosion resistant to some extent by coating it with corrosion-proof paint. It ultimately boils down to your budget and if your tent is going to move around quite a bit.
  • ·         Check for warranties offered by your tent manufacturer on different parts of your accessory. Ideally, both canopy and frame should come with separate warranties as part of the package.


Top tent manufacturers go the extra mile by safeguarding their customers from untoward incidents with warranties on their products. Before buying your accessory from the online marketplace remember to look for product features and warranties. Tally the products with our three-point guide to choose the perfect product for you, and win over guests with your hospitality. 

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