Emberify: 6 Simple Instagram Story Hacks You Need to Know in 2022

Emberify: 6 Simple Instagram Story Hacks You Need to Know in 2022

Instagram is one of the sought-after social media applications, especially for expressing oneself and sharing thoughts with one another. Therefore, this platform is strategically built with user-friendly features such as Reels, IGTV, Stories, Live, etc., to connect with the target audience.

Instagram Story is a crucial feature where users can share ephemeral content in vertical and full-screen formats. Content creators take advantage of this feature to strengthen their presence and build their profiles in a better way. Moreover, they buy instagram video views to increase engagement rate and crack the Instagram algorithm effortlessly.

In this article, let us discuss different hacks you should consider while creating your Instagram Stories, instagram views and reap their benefits to the fullest.

#1 Post Photos in Grid Format

Suppose you are looking for ways to organize multiple photos in a single Story, then this hack will give hands for you. The in-app grid tool lets users access different grid formats and include pictures in specific dimensions. Easy-peasy steps are given below to organize your images in the grid.

  • Start the Instagram application and move to the left side of the screen
  • Go through it to find the ‘Grid’ tool (a square box with dissecting lines)
  • Select the required grid and add the photo from your device gallery
  • Otherwise, you can capture new images directly from your camera
  • Repeat the process until you have pictures in all the quadrants
  • Once everything is done, post it to Stories as you do regularly.

#2 Add URL / Link to Story

The best part of Instagram Stories is that the users can attach an URL or link to it. By clicking on the specific link, users can navigate to the landing page and do other processes quickly. But keep in mind that adding a link option is only available for users who possess 10,000+ followers. No worries! Try out Emberify to increase the visibility of your profile and gain new followers in a short while. Once you hit the target, you get a chance to include a product or service link in your Story and let your audience visit the URL

#3 Schedule Your Instagram Stories

If you are a brand or individual who is serious about posting content consistently, then this will benefit you for sure. Though you cannot pre-schedule Instagram Stories, make it possible through Facebook Business Suite. So you may not miss posting your content on time amidst your hectic schedule.

#4 Create Boomerang With a Photo

Consider if you need to do Boomerang many times a day. You don’t want to enter the application every time. But, yes, it works when you are capturing Live photos. Simply open your phone camera in order to click an image lively and turn it into a Boomerang as follows.

  • Turn on the ‘Live’ option and capture a photo.
  • Then, upload the take photo to your Story by keeping the camera roll
  • Ensure that you are holding your finger on the image
  • And now, the picture will be converted into a Boomerang

You shall opt out Emberify to make this Boomerang content reach a broader audience and get high engagement factors such as likes, comments, and shares instantly.

#5 Try Story Accessories

Accessories of Instagram Stories? Yes, you read it right! Instagram Story is completely packed with add-on features to spice up the appearance of your content in order to make it more compelling than other formats. Just move to the Story section and swipe up to access the edit screen.

Here you can see many stickers representing diverse aspects like Mentions, Hashtags, GIFs, Music, Polls, Questions, Location, and sore. From these options, you can opt-out of the ones that suit your content and engage with your audience in exciting ways without boring them with the same formats.

#6 Track Your Story Performance

When you keep posting Stories without monitoring their performance, it might not help you improvise and yield its exclusive perks. And so, it is essential to know how many times your Stories are shared on the Instagram application. Do the following steps to determine whether to share Stories.

  • Go to your feed post on the Instagram application.
  • Move to the top right corner and tap on the three dots
  • From the menu that appears in front of you, click on ‘View Story Reshares.’

In this way, you can see how many times your Story is reshared. This significantly helps you to analyze how your target audience interacts with your content and decide the value of your brand in the niche market.

Let’s Wind Up

In a nutshell, these are the plethora of hacks you wish to know for making the most of it from Instagram Stories. Always be creative, experiment with various elements, and try to bring out the best Story that helps you to engage with your target audience and build a reputation. Then, use these efficient hacks and level up your stories smartly.

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