Data Sharing Makes Grant Management Possible

Data Sharing Makes Grant Management Possible

Do you want to make it easier for your organization to manage grants? GivingData is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a simple and efficient approach to handling donations as they travel through the various phases of the grant life cycle. The grant life cycle is divided into three stages: pre-award, award, and post-award. The phrase “pre-award” refers to the period before the grant is formally awarded. 

Each of these phases demands an open and efficient method to avoid wasting money and guarantee that every incentive is properly planned and budgeted. In this case, donors and charitable organizations may benefit from a one-stop grants management system like GivingData’s GMS 2.0.

With our grants management system, you can get all of the information and resources you need to make the grant filing process simple and quick. Our ultimate goal is to create software that promotes interaction and transparency between grantmakers and grant applicants and between grantmakers and funders. Whether it’s creating grant award reports or processing grant applications, our technology makes grant administration easier.

Our grants management system was created to make grant administration simpler, faster, and more precise than ever before. We offer a safe interface via which you may operate apps, monitor your funds, and generate reports. Let’s go over the grant application process and discover how GivingData can help you improve your gift management system.

What Exactly Is the Grant Review Procedure?

As previously said, the grant life cycle is divided into three major stages: the pre-award stage, the award phase, and the post-award period. The primary aims of this phase are to prepare grant applications for submission and to do research on various grant types. You will manage these grants and distribute monies responsibly when making awards. 

The primary goal of post-award operations is to monitor funds to guarantee their proper usage and to report to funding sources. GivingData’s GMS 2.0, a secure platform with a slew of features, streamlines grant life cycle donation administration. As a result, the entire process is more precise and quicker. Let’s go over each of these in more depth to better understand how this application may be useful.

The Stage Prior to the Awards

The pre-award phase of grant administration includes both the procedure for receiving grant funding and the process for creating the grant itself. This step of the grant application process is crucial since it decides whether a group will be successful in securing financing in the future. At this time, the philanthropic organization will also announce its reward and make it available to anybody who meets the eligibility requirements. After the applications have been evaluated and filed, the charitable organization will organize, handle, and analyze them.

GivingData’s Ability to Assist You

The GivingData grants administration platform, which provides applicants with a safe environment in which to submit their applications, may facilitate this procedure. This tool saves applications automatically, allowing applicants to return and make modifications later if required. Many people believe this phase to be critical in the application process since it allows applicants to contact funders with questions or requests for clarification. Not to mention the option to highlight a specific region, monitor progress, and deny application submission if required data is lacking.

Furthermore, grant evaluators may keep track of what they’re looking at by filing applications into the following folders: refused applications, closed grants, active grants, and current applicants. Our grants management system has a number of templates and tools to help you create grant and finance request paperwork. For example, a grant-making process may be begun if money is urgently needed.

The Presentation Ceremony

The award phase is the second stage of the grants administration procedure. This necessitates keeping track of the rewards given, managing resources effectively, and assuring accurate outcomes. During this time, the charity organization will be in charge of tracking donations and their efficacy in order to notify donors of any changes.

Facilitation of Communication

GivingData’s grants administration system provides a secure environment for collecting donations and disbursing funds to the correct beneficiaries. Furthermore, the platform has grant reporting features that enable the nonprofit organization to easily prepare reports on the status and outcomes of donations, which can subsequently be distributed to contributors. The grants management system also enables open contact between the donor and the recipient. If grantees are forced to keep track of the transactions they conduct with the money, things may become complicated. Due to the availability of this service, the grantee may submit their charges and keep track of them all in one spot. This guarantees that these reports are available to both the grantmaker and the source of funds.

Following the Ceremony

The post-award phase is the third and last stage of the grant operation. To do this, assessments for funding organizations must be developed, and funds must be evaluated on a regular basis to ensure successful usage. The nonprofit organization must also maintain track of its financing successes and potential adjustments.

Situations in which Your Company Comes Out on Top

GivingData’s grants administration platform offers an easy-to-use grant data dashboard, which may speed up the process. This dashboard allows the nonprofit organization to review its financial situation and generate reports swiftly. Financial and programming reports are the two sorts of reports that must be watched right now. It will be necessary for both types of data management. 

GivingData’s grants administration tool allows both of these to be documented in one place, making it easier for those responsible for keeping track of such reports to do so. The application also includes monitoring features, allowing NGOs to track grant revisions, accomplishments, and outcomes. The strategy takes into account the reality that grant reports and evaluations might sometimes take years.

Look into GivingData for Yourself!

GivingData’s grants management system is the most effective solution for simplifying and easing grant administration throughout the grant life cycle. This donation management system is offered as a service by GivingData. It provides a secure environment for businesses to submit grant applications, assess their performance and successes, track their growth, distribute cash wisely, produce donor reports, manage all of their financial information in one place, and much more. Using this technology ensures that all of your grant requests are impartial, evaluated, and documented appropriately.

GivingData is glad to assist you in becoming a more consistent donor. This is achieved through real-time engagement, application enhancements, regular updates, and analysis for funder and grantee dashboards. All of these elements have a role in this. Because of honest and open contacts between the organization that offers grants and the people who receive the money, all parties may stay up to date on the status of any applications or awards that have been made. As a result, the parties’ trust builds. 

There are a number of programs available that can assist with this task in a variety of ways. To manage their data structure, charitable organizations occasionally need to use two or more distinct types of software or systems. GivingData combines all levels onto a single page. Its usefulness and accessibility benefit everyone involved in the process, not just grantmakers. Right now, go to to discover for yourself how simple gift management may be.

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