6 Reasons Why Healthy Relationships Are Good For Your Health

6 Reasons Why Healthy Relationships Are Good For Your Health

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There is no greater joy in this world than loving and being loved. As human beings, we crave companionship, intimacy, and being understood, all of which a fulfilling relationship can provide us. This is why applications like Tinder are on the rise since everyone wants their one true love and are willing to go to any length to find it. You may find yourself dressing up often, thinking about what your perfect partner looks like, and narrowing down your criteria for marriage. But why is a relationship so important?

Finding suitable companions does more than ward off loneliness. They also help your health change for the better. You feel more at peace, relaxed, and motivated to look after yourself, reducing stress and transforming yourself for the better. Curious to know how your partner can support you in various ways? Read on:

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1. You are less panicked

Panicking is not good for health. It can make you stressed, trigger your flight and fight response and impact your overall well-being. This phenomenon is most commonly observed in abusive relationships. If you have a partner who chooses to hurt you by causing you bodily harm, belittles your sentiments, and does not respect your consent, you respond negatively to the abuse.

Consequently, you may start keeping your guard up, feel your appetite suppressed, and find ways to lie to save yourself, making you stressed about the subsequent encounter. So facing abuse in a relationship steals more than it can give you. It destroys you as a person and emotionally damages you to the extent where trusting another person can become difficult. But you don’t have to tolerate the suffering. Luckily some helplines can connect you to police and social workers who can help you escape this predicament.

The correct paperwork can also help you obtain a restraining order and prevent further harm from befalling you again. While the healing process is long, giving love a chance again can enable you to conquer your fears again. On the other side of this misfortune are healthier and loving relationships. When you have a partner who loves you with no qualms, you feel more at peace. Instead of feeling frightened and threatened, you are more at home and have no trouble communicating your fears to your loved one. This helps you shed off excessive stress, makes you feel less panicked, and makes you look forward to seeing someone you love again.

2. Your immune system improves

Loving someone can fill you with positive emotions, which produces the hormone oxytocin, also called the love drug. This helps you have more fulfilling relationships filled with intimacy and reduce stress, directly impacting your gut. As a result, you can eat sufficient meals and enjoy close companionship, which keeps you healthy. In addition, your microbiome thrives under warmth and affection.

Even if you share a hug with a loved one, the release of hormones leads to more probiotic strains settling in your gut, which builds your immunity. So, you feel less sick, get colds less frequently and get to subside many illnesses such as a fever, runny nose, and vomiting under pressure.

3. Easier to establish a healthier routine

Having a reliable partner and a loving family can make it easier to stick to a healthy routine. Instead of finding ways to cheat on your diet, encouraging people will help you give up bad habits; you’ll find a support system waiting for you. Your loved ones can stay beside you and even participate in rigorous exercises, so you don’t feel alone.

Home-cooked meals may become more frequent with attention to your dietary needs. Your partner may also accommodate your sleeping needs, ensure you take your medications on time, and remind you how much you are loved on days when you feel at your lowest.

However, an unhealthy relationship steals all of these from you. Instead of being your pillar of strength, the people around you look for the first sign of weakness and attack you. This can be insulting your choices, forcing you to stick to unhealthy habits, and not giving you the space to improve your well-being. So whether you’re looking to get into shape, prevent yourself from getting debilitating diseases such as diabetes, or wish to build your stamina, your loved ones will hold your hand through it all.

4. You can draw boundaries

Boundaries are necessary for ensuring you’re safe and protected. Boundaries also ensure you’re mentally, emotionally, and physically doing well instead of not letting another person exert control over you. Therefore, by establishing boundaries, you get to decide how much physical contact you’re comfortable with, whether you are emotionally able to handle bad news, and if your mental health is in a position to deal with a stressful environment.

This saves you from several mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and extreme sadness. You also protect yourself from PTSD and the terror of being in a relationship where your bodily anatomy is not respected.

5. Better blood pressure and longevity

Your partner can encourage neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin to flow through your body. Apart from making you feel good and happy all the time, you also experience your heart rate calming down. This causes blood to flow more consistently, preventing you from slipping into hypertension. Your breathing also gets regulated, which allows you to breathe more liberally and deeply, preventing your body cells from succumbing to oxygen deprivation.

When your blood pressure and breathing are under control, you become a wholesome picture of health. Your muscles are no longer stiff, your neck doesn’t feel strained, and you don’t feel unusual body aches. The lack of stress and anxiety also boost your lifespan, allowing you to live longer with fewer health complications.

6. Saves you from agonizing isolation

Abusive relationships are notorious for making you feel isolated and lonely. Even though you have a partner, you’re not scared for, loved, supported, or even listened to. This can weigh you down, filling you with despair and grief. Which can open gates to painful thoughts such as self-harm, may push you into substance abuse, and in extreme cases, further cause you to reject others around you.

A loving relationship makes you feel wanted and desired. You get filled with happiness which keeps you from falling down a rabbit hole of suffering. When you get a chance to voice your concerns and respond, your emotional well-being also improves, and you’re not tempted to suppress your thoughts by choosing to indulge in substances.

However, there may be times when you feel sad despite being surrounded by your loved ones. The most significant difference is your partner will stand by you and support you during grieving times and even pave a path for you to find the necessary help you need, such as connecting you to therapy. A good relationship saves you from intense mental gymnastics and lets you channel your thoughts in a healthy and more structured way giving you the necessary stability.


When you’re in a relationship that cherishes you and makes you feel complete, it wonders for your health. Your stress levels, heart rate, and breathing rate come down to manageable levels leaving you with a prosperous immune system and ensuring you stay in good shape. Love is a beautiful feeling. It allows you to feel understood, respected, and valued, which sheds away your insecurities and improves your emotional and mental health giving you a solid ground.

While it’s unfortunate we still live in a world where abusive relationships exist, these relationships can make accepting and giving love challenging. Still, with the right help, you can heal once again. So give love a chance and allow the warmth of a loving companion to wash over and make you feel like you’re riding cloud nine for years to come.

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