What are the best play to earn crypto games?

What are the best play to earn crypto games?

Gaming has been continuously growing in popularity. The industry is reaching hundreds of billions in worth and adding new players yearly.

The gaming scene is undergoing a growth spurt. And play to earn crypto games have the potential to be a big part of this growing industry.

Unlike regular gaming, where players have to pay to participate, play to earn games incentivize players to play. These games offer crypto tokens (NFTs) for playing.

The potential to earn real money is what’s behind the explosive popularity of the term GameFi. GameFi is a combination of Gaming and Finance for an entertaining experience where players can earn NFTs and exchange it for fiat currency.

One thing players need to be aware of is the fact that play to earn games are not as polished as mainstream games (at least for now). Still, the monetary value attached to these games is more than enough to keep players hooked.

There are a bunch of play to earn crypto games you can be a part of. We’re listing a few of them.

Axie Infinity

Perhaps the biggest play to earn game, Axie Infinity, is a riff on the Pokémon concept. Players can breed and evolve their Axies (similar to Pokémon) and battle with other players. Axie Infinity players can earn tokens that are exchangeable with fiat currency.

Each Axie is an NFT you can train and trade for cryptocurrency on the marketplace. The more powerful and more evolved your Axie is, the higher it will trade for. There are players making thousands of dollars from Axie Infinity while having a great time with the game.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a complete metaverse giving more than just a play to earn experience. Building a game for yourself in The Sandbox will give you an advantage over other players. You can create in-game items and earn by selling those to players.

In The Sandbox, you can use the creation tool –VoxEdit– to make your own NFTs, in-game items, and anything else you desire. Once created, these things will go through a screening process, and the selected ones will be tradable on the marketplace.NFTDuel

NFTDuel is the native play to earn card game of the XANA metaverse. Players battle using various cards with different abilities and stake their cryptocurrency (XETA). XANA collaborates with different IPs in Japan to bring their NFTs to this card game.

With each battle, cards gain more abilities and grow in value. These cards are tradable on the XANALIA marketplace. IPs currently on the NFTDuel include Astro Boy, Rooster Fighter, and Ultraman, while Deemo will be added soon.

Blankos Block Party

A collection-type game where you collect and level up your Blankos. These are tradable on the marketplace and sell for thousands of dollars. Although the minimum price is $10, the most expensive one is worth more than 5 million USD.

You can collect Blankos for other players and sell them at the desired price while also enjoying the vibrant world. Veteran game designers developed this game. And even in the beta mode, you can see their experience on screen with the mechanics and the character design.

Thetan Arena: MOBA Survival

Thetan Arena is a survival-type earn to play game that you can enjoy with players from all across the globe. You get three Heroes to start your adventure and build your game on those. These basic Heroes can be leveled up while you add new Heroes to your ranks.

Upgraded Heroes are available on the marketplace, where you can exchange your Heroes for Thetan Coin (THC). THC can be traded with fiat currency on a Crypto Exchange. This game has a lot of potential because similar games, without the incentive to make real money, have been really popular in the past.

Final Remarks

We had mentioned that these games aren’t as visually appealing as AAA Game titles. And maybe that’s a good thing because these games are meant for everyone, not just hardcore gamers.

Big AAA titles have certain requirements that a casual gamer will not feel incentivized to meet. To keep the playing field (pun intended) level, these games have to be basic without getting the players bored.

The best examples of such games are Axie Infinity, NFTDuel, and Blankos, among others. These have somewhat simple gameplay, but the concept keeps players hooked. Gradually these games will be able to compete with mainstream games, and that time isn’t far ahead.

So create an account and start playing a play to earn game. Your grind and efforts will hold real-life value.

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