Cartoon tattoo Ideas To Make Perfect Prison Tattoos

Cartoon tattoo Ideas To Make Perfect Prison Tattoos

Most of the time you see tattoos in dramas, films, and different persons’ bodies. It is a wonderful thing for a common person to see how they make tattoos on their body. Which things can be used for this purpose. How they make the ink.

You can make tattoos with the help of different things such as it might be with the help of needles or oil paper and might be with the help of a gun. prison tattoo gun is not easy to make but you will know in this article about this.

Things which you need to make Tattoos

When you want to make a perfect tattoo machine you will need all the essential things such as a needle, ink, power source, etc. because the machine is good and works efficiently you will make the tattoos perfectly.

The ink used for making Tattoos

In prison tattoos the shade of ink is mostly used is black, grey, and white. Most Prison tattoos ink is made with soot.

Method for making Soot

Following are the methods to make the prison make tattoos using the soot for their tattoos ink.

  • Take some toilet paper, roll it and grease it with help of vaseline or any oil.
  • Put it on the fire and hold it under with any smooth metal just like a prison bed.
  • After some time you will see the tip on the flame start depositing black soot.
  • When enough soot is penetrated then you will, you can remove it from the surface and collect it on glossy paper.
  • Mix it very well and it is your permanent black ink for making tattoos.
  • If you want to make a grey shade add some water to it, it trunks into a grey shade.

How to make a Soot ink For the beginners

You will need the following things for making soot ink.

  • 10 drops of water
  • One drop of liquid soap or shampoo
  • One tablespoon soot
  • With the help of combining these things, you will make the ink for prison tattoos.


After making the perfect tattoo ink, you will choose the best needles. The perfect needle should be thin and have less damage to the skin. you will use the spring pen to make the perfect needle to make the nib of the pen very thin and shard, it will give you the best result.

Method to make sharpen the needle

The method of making tattoos with needles is as follows.

  • Fill the cup with water and salt
  • Connect the needle perfectly with a battery on the positive side and the other wire on the negative side.
  • The need quickly charged, repeated it some more time, and got the best thing.

The tattoos gun

Now you are making a tattoo gun that will help you. Tattoos guns have 3 parts.

  • A Motto that supplies the power to the needle
  • A barrel that holds the center of the needle
  • A mount holds the barren beneath the motor.

Now you are ready to get a tattoo of a prison gun. And you will make it perfect.

Ending Remarks

Now with these methods, you will be able to make a prison Tattoos gun, with the help of this you can make the tattoos in a perfect way and you get the best result or can higer a professional servic like tattoo numbing cream uk and create the required design.

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