About Critical Fall Height in Playground Safety

About Critical Fall Height in Playground Safety

Still, it’s pivotal to follow the assiduity standard of critical fall height while installing the 안전놀이터 outfit to insure your kiddies ’ safety, If you’re planning to turn your vicinity into a playground for your kiddies. 

What’s the critical fall height? 

The critical fall height is a term used by safety experimenters to indicate the minimal height at which a person who has fallen or tripped will be suitable to break their fall with their hands alone. This height varies from person to person depending on the person’s basic size and gender. 

One can have an understanding of critical fall height as the height at which a serious injury occur. It’s grounded on the height of the loftiest piece of outfit that a child can stand on while playing. 

American Standard Testing styles ASTM defines fall height as the perpendicular distance between a named play face and the defensive face under it. 

Why is critical fall height important? 

The fatal injuries caused by a fall from a critical fall height during play can be prevented by installing a shock- absorbing face similar to a rubber face. 

Critical height is linked with the shock absorbency of the face material underneath. Its main purpose is to measure the maximum fall height that would not end up in a serious type of injury. 

You can test a face in a lab or at a playground point for its impact reduction parcels. 

As per the Consumer Safety and Product Commission, you must cover all playground shells with a defensive rubber or rubber- suchlike mat. Or you should cover it with at least 12 elevation of beach, pea clay, mulch, or wood chips. 

But note that if you’re using products similar to dinghy and wood chippings, they can be blown down by strong winds, or they can rot down relatively fast. So, it’ll end up in material loss. 

Also, do n’t install concrete, lawn, asphalt, blacktop, packed dirt, or jewels as your playground face. 

The commission also recommends that the wharf face should be designed in such a way that it sticks out six bases at a minimum in all directions from the play structures. To forestall falls in the first place, ensure that all platforms or ramps have walls. 

In addition, as per the British norms EN 11772008, if your play outfit has a free fall height of over 0.6 m, you need to install critical fall height certified flooring for an area of 1m around the play outfit. It’s recommended that the fall height shouldn’t exceed 3m. 

If the area has a critical fall height of over to 1.5 measures, you should install 1.5 measures of safety surfacing area around the play outfit. If your play outfit has a critical fall height of further than 1.5 measures, you can apply this formula: Play outfit critical fall height x0.66 50 cm. 

 How to test critical fall height? 

Testers will drop a head- form( a head- shaped device with a erected- in device for measuring acceleration) on top of a sample of the 안전놀이터 face. They will also record the speed and hardness with which it hits the material. The test is repeated from different heights. Grounded on these heights, you can find out the consistency each system needs for protection. 

Fall height dimension criteria 

The critical fall height will differ depending on the type of outfit you use on the playground. 

In case you’re using rubber mulch, and the playground outfit’s fall height is 8 bases, the critical fall height should have a depth of six elevation. 

 still, there should be a depth of 3, If you’re using a poured- in- place rubber face.5 elevation. 

 You can relate to this list of fall height dimension criteria for different types of playground outfit .For climbing outfit, take the loftiest part of the rambler meant for bottom support. 

  •  For an upper body outfit, take the loftiest part of the outfit. 
  •  For swing sets, take the pivot point. 
  •  For seesaws, take the maximum height attainable by the seat. 
  •  For spring rockers, take the height of the seat. 
  •  For compound outfit where the factors are linked, take the distance from the loftiest named play face to the defensive face. 
  •  Clearing misconception 

 There’s a falseness that using froth matting or padded carpets will give enough protection from fall- related injuries. Unless you have tested the face and it meets assiduity norms for Critical Fall Height, your kiddies are at a high threat of passing serious injuries. 

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