7 Unexpected And Weird Things Your Body Does While You Fall Asleep

7 Unexpected And Weird Things Your Body Does While You Fall Asleep

We believe that sleep is peaceful, but many find it a tough row to hoe because they either end their day browsing “how to sleep early” or experience some strange nights. Our body is mysterious and puzzling; sometimes it tries to perform certain activities without explanation, leaving us mentally blank.  

And there is also a sense of mystery surrounding what happens in our brains as soon as we shut down our eyes. There are multiple things to unfold, so, without further ado, let’s find out what surprising things your body typically does while you try to attain the stage of deep sleep:

Feeling as though you are falling

Ever feel like you’re falling or tripping right as you drift off to sleep? Most of us are familiar with this peculiar, intense feeling! It typically results from a night start, also known as a hypnagogic jerk. 

Before you start dreaming, your body is usually paralysed, so it doesn’t act out as if you were dreaming. But sometimes, you might start dreaming before your body attains a relaxed state, and hence, you might experience the sensation of hitting the ground!

Night terror


Night terrors aren’t the same as nightmares; the person experiencing these phenomena is found screaming, thrashing around the bed, or even walking while staying asleep. It can generally occur 2 to 3 hours after a person has dozed off.

Night terrors are more commonly seen in children than in adults and can happen due to inadequate sleep, adapting to a new environment, or stress. Even though there is no cure for this issue, parents can still prevent their kids from experiencing this crippling fear by scheduling a relaxing bedtime routine and ensuring they get enough rest.

The entire body shuts down and gets paralysed


Have you ever been aroused from sleep, feeling paralysed? If so, you have probably experienced “sleep paralysis”. 

Sleep paralysis is the sensation of being awake but unable to move or communicate. This phenomenon happens when a person is transitioning between being awake and asleep. Although it is a harmless experience, it is understandably frightful; after all, the thought of waking up and finding that you are immobile is reminiscent of a horror film.

Sleep paralysis may be caused by several factors, such as lack of sleep, specific mental illnesses, medications, etc. 

Exploding head syndrome


The phrase “exploding head syndrome” may sound frightening and dangerous, but it has nothing to do with the title. In this case, people usually hear extremely loud noises while entering or emerging from a deep sleep. It’s very often an “explosion”, but people also mention seeing bright light flashes. Even though the light or sound is only a hallucination, it jolts the person awake as if it were real. 

People over 50 are most likely to experience this syndrome. Unfortunately, the causes are still unknown. However, some scientists contend that it results from minor temporal lobe seizures or shifts in middle ear components.

Walking around the house


Some sleepers find themselves undertaking various activities while their consciousness is out for the count. And one such everyday activity is “sleepwalking”.

Sleepwalking involves walking in the middle of the night. There’s a common misconception that people who sleepwalk tend to act out their dreams. But in reality, they don’t; they just seem to walk around subconsciously and may even risk hurting themselves. The root cause of sleepwalking is still a mystery! However, you will be more prone to having it if it runs in your family.

Out-of-body experience


Out-of-body experience entails floating or seeing one’s own body from the outside. It is likely due to transient brain malfunctions and has nothing to do with the “spirit” leaving the body.

Engaging in conversations


As you are aware, “sleep talking” generally refers to a situation in which a person can speak while asleep. However, most people do so while in a deep sleep; their actions can range from mumbling or carrying out simple conversations to yelling or screaming.

You may have observed that “stress and anxiety” are the main contributors to some of these issues. Our worries, fears, and anxieties manifest as strange dreams. Since “dreams” are crucial for psychological well-being, having a good rest at night is imperative.

Isn’t it strange that we spend hours of our days lying in bed, subconscious? Even though our imaginations far outstrip reality, plenty of things still go on while we are sleeping. Some of these things have explanations, while others don’t. The thought of it can be a little scary and even creepy, but as technology advances, we might be able to give the answers to these questions.

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