5 Advantages to Using a Bong

5 Advantages to Using a Bong

What is a bong

Lately, many people have grown accustomed to the usage of different types of smoking devices to satisfy their smoking needs. Due to the increase in the demand for smoking devices, companies that provide the smoking community with smoking devices started to increase budgets in the research and development (R&D) sectors in order to provide new and innovative products for their customers so that they will have the opportunity to smoke different types of herbs and cannabis. 

As companies started to concentrate more on providing different types of smoking devices for their customers, they were able to introduce the bong with its many different types. The most common type of bong that is used by the target market is considered to be the glass bong, as it provides people with numerous advantages. A bong is considered to be a larger smoking device when compared to other methods available for smoking; however, it is considered to be one of the smoking devices that allows people to get the best out of the herbs’ flavor.

Aside from bongs, companies were also able to introduce an innovative smoking product called vaporizers. Similar to a bong, as the demand for vaporizers started to increase, their product line also increased as well. To further elaborate, nowadays, people have access to disposable and reusable vaporizers; for instance, when using high-quality Delta 9 disposables, people have the chance to change the flavors since the device can only be used one time – in other words, when the e-liquid inside the disposable vaporizer ends, people can purchase a new device with a different flavor.

However, when people use a reusable vaporizer, the odds of changing the flavor of the e-liquid are against changing the e-liquid since mixing different flavors will not allow people to get the best flavor from a hit. 

What are the components of a bong

The increase in the demand for bongs in the smoking community allowed people to understand that the benefits gained from smoking through bongs outweigh the benefits that people get from smoking through other devices. These benefits are gained due to the numerous components that create the bong, and because of them, people have grown to enjoy the smoking experience. 

As mentioned beforehand, bongs are larger devices compared to others, making it difficult for people to carry them in their pockets. This is because a bong is composed of a large water chamber at the base, which acts as the cooler of the smoke – allowing smokers to inhale cooler hits. 

Next comes the bowl piece, where people are able to store the different types of cannabis they would like to smoke; however, it is important to grind the cannabis and herbs before storing them inside the bowl piece to ensure getting most of the flavor out of them. 

The dab rig is considered to be a differentiating feature of bongs, which allows people to inhale more filtered smoke through the mouthpiece. 

Different types of bongs may carry additional features and components that can add to the benefits that people can gain from the bong – however, the ones mentioned are considered to be fixed components of a bong to operate effectively. 

Nevertheless, a regular bong has the ability to provide people with the following advantages as long as it is used accurately. 

Advantages of using a bong:

1- Smoother smoking hits

By filling the chamber of the bong with water, people are provided with the opportunity to inhale a smoother smoking hit. In other words, when the smoke passes through the water, all additional particulate matter is removed, allowing people to inhale smoother hits. 

2- Improved taste and quality

People are required to store the bowl piece by themselves after grinding the herbs in order to smoke using a bong. This step is done right before using the bong, which allows the taste and the quality of the herbs to stay fresh. 

So, the ability to use fresh herbs allows people to get a more flavored smoking hit, unintentionally increasing the quality and taste. 

3- Additional filtration

Due to the dab rig feature of bongs, the smoke that passes through the water chamber is then passed through the dab rig that filters the smoke from toxins, providing people with a healthier smoking method.

4- Cooler hits due to different features

As mentioned beforehand, since the smoke passes through the water chamber and the dab rig, smokers can enjoy cooler hits. Additionally, some bongs have specific chambers where they can add ice cubes, allowing them to have more cooled-off hits. 

5- Reduced odor compared to other smoking devices

Finally, one of the most noticeable advantages of using a bong is that the amount of excess odor that is usually produced from smoking is reduced. 


To conclude, using a bong has provided people with many advantages, and thus, transitioning towards using a bong should become a priority for smokers in order to enjoy the benefits. 

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