5 Things You Need To Know About Yklwa – The D&D Weapon

5 Things You Need To Know About Yklwa – The D&D Weapon

During a game, there are several weapons that the player must consider. It allows a player to develop specific qualities while also allowing them to play effectively. It will be difficult for someone to compete effectively if they are unaware of these weapons. The same may be said about Yklwa.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Yklwa is regarded as one of the most basic only weapons available.

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What exactly is Yklwa?

The Yklwa (or Iklwa) was a kind of spear in the real world. It originated in Africa. Yklwa, on the other hand, is a simple melee in Dungeons and Dragons. The Yklwa is a Chultan warrior’s traditional weapon. It consists of a 3-foot wooden shaft with 18-inch steel or rock blade. The yklwa, although having the thrown weapon characteristic, isn’t well balanced for throwing (scope 10/30 ft.). It’s a thrusting spear with a small grip and a long blade. It was created and popularised by Shaka Zulu.

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Yklwa 10 gp 1 d8 piercing 2lbs Thrown (range 10/30)

The yklwa spear is a time-honored and reliable weapon among warriors. These spears were created for sailing and were fashioned of stone or metal to be robust. In Dnd tradition, the spear is the earliest throwable weapon. Several tales and traditions surround the invention and usage of the spear, but we are not sure when or where the first yklwa spear was used.

History of Yklwa

A typical yklwa was four feet long, with its sword-like, bladed tip taking up around 40% of the length. It was not well-balanced for throwing and was mostly employed as a thrusting spear in melee combat. It did more damage than a standard short spear but could only be hurled precisely with half the range of a short spear. Yklwas may be held with two hands, but Tabaxi warriors usually paired them with oval hide shields known as hlang.

The word “yklwa” is derived from the sucking sound made after extracting a weapon from the heart of a dead dinosaur.


There are several traits and attributes associated with each weapon. Some of them are listed below for Yklwa. It will help you to comprehend it more readily.

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  • This Yklwa weapon is made up of several pieces. A 3-foot wooden shaft and a steel or stone blade are available in this weapon.
  • The available steel or stone blade is around 18 inches long.
  • It delivers 1D8 piercing damage on a hit and costs about 1gp. It is a well-known characteristic of thrown weapons.
  • The disadvantage of this Yklwa weapon dnd is that it is completely unbalanced. Balance is also necessary for throwing, which is lacking in it.
  • This weapon has a range of 10/30 feet.
  • This weapon should not be used as a martial weapon with competence.

There are several more features associated with this specific weapon. Furthermore, this is one of the alternatives for someone who wishes to play the game with Gladiator-style combatants. Before storming into a brawl, it is customary to toss a spear.

yklwa weapon

When is an Yklwa used?

An yklwa dnd is a short, sharp spear that is mostly utilized in hand-to-hand fighting. These are the weapons of choice for skirmish-style combat. They feature a short blade and a tiny handle as a result of this. It makes them ideal for close-range fighting, where you can land a few blows before your opponent can have a free shot. They are capable of being employed as a piercing and thrust weapon.

These Yklwa weapons have attacker modifications that are accessible with attack roll and damage roll. It will be utilized by anyone who is under assault with a weapon. If one is conscious of their hand as a weapon, they may use it to improve their strength. However, if one looks forward to throwing a dagger, they may understand the necessity for strength and agility. The tiger is known to be the property’s finish, which cannot be compensated in any way.

It is one of the most basic tools/weapons to consider since they may be used more efficiently. This weapon is incredibly simple to use, and there is no requirement for a player to grasp any specific rules when using it. Furthermore, this is a thrown weapon, but it is not a well-considered option due to its unbalanced nature. However, because of the thrown weapon characteristic, everyone is excited to think about it.


If a weapon has the property of being thrown, you can launch a ranged attack. If the weapon is a melee, use the same ability modifier to the attack and damage rolls as you would for a melee attack with the weapon. When you throw a handaxe, you use your Strength, but when you throw a dagger, you can use either your Strength or your dexterity since the dagger has the finessed feature.

How to use Yklwa in Dnd?

Chult’s regional Spear (Yklwa) is a 1d8 1-handed weapon. It possesses a one-of-a-kind throwing ability. Its hurled range is, however, less than that of other spears in dnd.

The battle-ax is to the great ax what this spear is to the pike. In this way, both the heavy property and the versatility property are lost. The battleax’s versatile damage is reduced by one step in the great ax (1d12 -> 1d10), and two steps reduce its one-handed damage in the great ax (1d12 -> 1d8). The development of your recommended spear is same (1d10 -> 1d8 -> 1d6). As a result, we may deduce that this new spear is balanced without being thrown.

In the same way that the pike is to the great ax, the new spear is to the battleax. As we can see, increasing reach reduces the damage die by one step. And because this new spear is one step lower than the battleax, it is properly balanced.

When we look at the recommended thrown attribute of yklwa, we can see that it only adds a small amount to the calculation. The reach array is the same as the standard flung array. There are relatively few circumstances in which a character would wish to chuck it without any consequences. So it’s not much better than tossing anything as an improvised weapon in that situation.


Wanna know more about dnd Yklwa weapons or have any questions, please leave them in the comments area below. We will strive to respond to your review, and it will also help us learn more about this weapon.

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