Why Investors Are So Obsessed With Bahria Town Karachi 2

Why Investors Are So Obsessed With Bahria Town Karachi 2


Bahria Town Karachi was a huge success, so a new development is starting up there with the working title of Bahria Town Karachi 2. On January 5, 2023, BTK 2 will open to the public. Karachi residents will soon be able to reside in one of the finest and best-planned residential communities in Pakistan.

The management has yet to set a development release date for this housing project, which is still in the planning stages. Living on BTK-2 will allow for an entirely new way of life, made possible by cutting-edge technology from the most traditional to the most advanced fields.

BTK 2 continues Bahria Town’s commitment to providing its residents with unmatched quality, grandeur, and cutting-edge amenities. The same international team of geniuses responsible for building and developing Bahria Town Karachi nowadays is operating on BTK 2 to improve the situation, which is grander, and much more sophisticated.

With the current development tools and equipment, the same standards, modern water drainage channels, the finest infrastructural facilities, and main roads encompassing over miles. In this blog, we discuss why investors are so obsessed with BTK 2.

Trustworthy Developers

Bahria Town was established in 1997 by Malik Riaz Hussain as little more than a residential real estate development firm in Pakistan. However, in the real estate market, the firm is one of the nation’s most prominent high-end accommodation and corporate development real estate developers.

Bahria Town has built a wide variety of homes, businesses, and amusement parks throughout Pakistan. Mr  Ahmad Ali Riaz Malik is the current CEO of Bahria Town. He continues his father’s work to establish Bahria Town, a top real estate developer in Pakistan and beyond.

Legitimate Society

In today’s time, investing hard-earned money in a lawful Society is imperative to avoid future damage. When discussing a property development project in Pakistan, the topic of the development’s NOC status is inevitable. SDA and SBCA have fully authorized and leased the project.

Ideal Placement

BTK-2 will be in a prime spot on the M9 Motorway between Karachi and Hyderabad. It was simple to get to any of Karachi’s central neighbourhoods. While Society’s inhabitants can easily shop because of the remarkable commercial buildings in their community to open, this mixed-use area will increase the neighbourhood’s value. This development offers both business and residential spaces at affordable prices.

  • Twenty minutes from Dream World Family Resort
  • Thirty minutes from the M10 Motorway
  • Thirty minutes from the Karachi Aiport
  • Thirty-Three minutes from Gulzar e Hijri
  • Thirty-Nine minutes from Northern Bypass, Karachi

Distinct Master Plan

The master plan for BTK 2 reveals an approximate total land area of 4,756 acres. The whole area planned for is about 202 kilometres.  This map only shows the development in Sectors A, B, and D, disregarding the status of Sector C. Then, Society developers will likely call these sections “Priority/Blocks,” a term that more precisely describes the subdivisions made within them.

As such, “Iqbal Avenue” will be the official moniker for the community’s main thoroughfare. As more information becomes available, construction is progressing smoothly on 28 priorities. This community will grow according to the principle of “everything from within the border.” The district currently has dwellings and corporate and villa plots available for sale.

Residential Plots

  • 125 sq yds
  • 250 sq yds
  • 500 sq yds
  • 1000 sq yds

Commercial Plots

  • 125 sq yds
  • 250 sq yds

BTK 2 Villas

  • Luxurious villas of three-bedrooms

Affordable Prices

Society developers are providing reasonable prices to encourage investment that won’t strain prospective buyer’s ability to save. Payment has scheduled to begin with a fifteen per cent  Booking fee and continue over four manageable years. Within two years of reservation, customers can take ownership of these plots.

  • The 125 sq yds expected cost is Rs 30 to 35 lacs
  • The 250 sq yds expected cost is Rs 45 to 55 lac
  • The 500 sq yds expected cost is Rs 60 to 75 lac
  • The 1000 sq yds expected cost is Rs 85 lacs to 1 crore

Lucrative Investment

Given its central location near a wide range of urban attractions and affordable housing, this community is an excellent choice for residents. And it illustrates why the neighbourhood is so well-liked in Karachi. Builders also think about the residential development’s financial sustainability.

The community also helps protect the homeowners and ensure their way of life can continue undisturbed. The convenience of a monthly payment plan stands out as the most notable improvement. In addition, a down payment from the buyers will have required before construction begins. Therefore, this investment will represent the most attractive housing choice available to prospective tenants. For more information about BTK 2 payment plan contact us on this link.

Rapid Development with Virtual tour

The developers have made rapid progress on Bahria Town Karachi 2’s infrastructure, with forty per cent already finished. The remaining sixty percent is either in progress or nearing completion. This development features a comprehensive road system that connects to the 400-foot-wide Allama Iqbal Avenue, which follows the same layout as Jinnah Avenue in neighbouring Bahria Town.

In addition, the developers have meticulously planned the drainage system. The stunning Bahria Carnival, remarkable Bahria Oval Fountain, Shopping Exhibition, Schools, Hospitals, and Work art Masajid are just some world-class facilities currently under construction. These developments’ infrastructure additions will unquestionably elevate it to unprecedented heights. Buyers can have a virtual tour of the rapid growth on the Society’s official website.


The BTK 2 housing project has highly recommended due to its convenient location near several landmarks in the city. As a result, this is an excellent investment opportunity that will undoubtedly provide profitable deals to consumers. Moreover, as a lawful Society, it is accompanied by several of Karachi’s most impressive residences and investment opportunities. Likewise, the neighbourhood in Karachi provides its inhabitants with the finest facilities and conveniences to ensure their happiness and comfort. The stunning housing development also has top-notch fixtures and amenities, so no one who chooses to call it home will ever want anything.

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