Which dating apps do singles use in London

Which dating apps do singles use in London

Dating apps can be overwhelming especially if you are navigating the single life with very specific intentions. Here we will introduce dating apps that will narrow down the selection process. These five apps will make it easier for you to decide which dating pool you want to swim in.


Thursday, as the name of the day implies, only works on Thursday. This means the dating app only comes to life that day and there is limited time to make your move, or the person’s profile you’re interested in will be wiped away forever. The dating app will only show you who is available for a date that day.

How it works is that users are not allowed to browse the dating app until Thursday comes around, then they can view fellow users on a virtual map of their designated area. (Full locations are never disclosed for safety reasons.) You can look at the profiles of the users, swipe right and begin chatting from there. Users can be matched up with a maximum of 10 dating prospects each Thursday. But the catch is, daters must act quickly since they only have 24 hours to find their match, chat and then set up a meeting. Talk about a dating scavenger hunt! As a bonus, Thursday also holds singles’ nights at various London bars including Ballie Ballerson, Tonight Josephine, and on several boats cruising down the Thames.

The idea that launched the app is that dating in the modern world is already exhausting enough, with time and energy spent that doesn’t always equal the effort. Thursday’s co-founders have stated, “It’s a fact: people are spending too much time on dating apps. Not only is the whole experience underwhelming, but pressure to find ‘the one’ is boring. When did being single become a thing to be ashamed of? That’s where Thursday comes in.”

The app also has a feature similar to Instagram stories that enable daters to directly message brief video clips to probable matches. Like the stories—and everything on Thursday —those automatically disappear after 24 hours.


Far from Tinder, Spark does not display recommendations by using the swipe action. Rather, its suggestion process functions similar to Grinder, where nearby users are shown simultaneously. This prevents the user from spending too much time looking at individual profiles and the added pressure of swiping right or left.
In actuality, the app is described in the App store as “Connecting with new people in your area has never been easier (this is certainly true unless you think that meeting Escort Girls like from kryptonescort.com should qualify as „connecting“ – we believe it should not.) In many dating apps, swiping can make us overanalyze our choices and second-guess ourselves. No one wants to be reduced to a right or left swipe. Plus, no more accidentally swiping left on someone you actually like and wondering if they’ll ever pop up again! With Spark, everyone nearby is laid out in front of you so you can see who catches your eye, learn more about them, and spark up a conversation.”

Users are able to message potential matches if they “sparked” or fancy each other. The app also eliminates the antiquated habits of dating – the waiting game. Users are only allowed 24 hours to reply to a “spark” sent by another user, similar to Bumble. Spark has the option to access additional features like sending extra sparks and the ability view profile likes and many more for a paid subscription.


The UK has seen the past of lockdowns and now the nation’s capital is alive again the laughter of strangers, toasting of pint glasses and continuous chatter about the British weather, and it’s bloody fantastic. This also means nightly concerts and blind dates will soon be the norm again. Luckily, you can combine the two. What’s more compatible in life that two of the most pleasurable gifts – love and music? That is where POM comes in.

POM really believes that music is the way to someone’s heart rather than someone’s stomach and that by connecting to the Power of Music, we can create organic relationships that are meant to last. While other dating apps are always updating and expanding, they are mostly superficial and impersonal. POM promotes connections through shared music tastes. They intend to harness more of an emotional response instead of photoshopped pictures and exaggerated bios by building the foundation of common interest to music.

POM hosts free events for single users very often. Be on the lookout for nights full of music and drinks at various venues all over the UK.


At this point, everyone has probably heard about Raya, but not everyone is permitted to join the dating app. Raya is a very exclusive app that determines if users are relevant enough to join their dating pool and its mostly influencers, musicians, models and media creatives who are on it.

Launched in Feb. 2015, Raya was designed as an invite-only dating app that prides itself as a “Digital Dinner Party” for folks in “creative industries.” Though its limited acceptance and mystery, Raya has been labeled as the “Illuminati Tinder.” The New York Times reported that the app had more than 10,000 members in various countries. While it’s tacky for users to name-drop who is a member of the app, Us Weekly has reported celebrities like Channing Tatum, Demi Lovato, Kiernan Shipka, John Mayer, Drew Barrymore and Lizzo.

The New York Times has also stated that Raya has an acceptance rate of 8 percent, which is almost the same odds to getting into an Ivy League university. It’s also a challenge to apply as Raya’s admission process has multi-steps. You need to submit an application judged by “hundreds of anonymous committee members,” according to the app. Potential users also need a referral from usually another user on the app. Then, the waiting game begins. The app also mentions that it could take a day to up to a few months to be admitted, but one reviewer wrote on the App Store that she has been on the waitlist for two years. Well as the saying goes, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”


Love dating, but don’t want it to interfere with your workout schedule. Well, there’s a dating app for that. Fitafy matches people when they share favorite activities, dietary restrictions and fitness routines. It even connects to Apple Watch, Fitbit and Strava so that health data can be uploaded to your profile.

Fitafy uses AI-matching technology to connect singles depending on their health and fitness preferences Whether you are vegan, an early bird or like to exercise – these are important factors on the app that measures the relationship’s success.

“Fitafy isn’t about abs, tans or a stereotypical view of what it means to be fit and healthy.” Is a statement that was made by co-founder and fitness connoisseur Brendan McCormack. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re into bushwalking, triathlon, running, ocean swimming, Crossfit, yoga, eating Keto or vegan; as long as living a healthy life is important to you, then Fitafy is an app that can help you find your perfect “fit”.”

Users can use the app and start viewing matches and chatting to dating prospects, but the premium subscription allows users the capability to apply targeted filters depending on fitness preferences and other methods of boosting their profile. Basically, it’s targeted to make sure it “fits” your lifestyle.

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