What Is Digital Vehicle Inspection & How to Get the Right Software

What Is Digital Vehicle Inspection & How to Get the Right Software

In an ever-evolving world, and with technological developments amazing us time after time, you can’t expect pretty much any industry to be left in the past. In other words, no industry can continue their operations without using some of those tech solutions to their advantage. Companies are trying to stay competitive and if they don’t follow the technological trends, they are bound to stay in the dark and get outranked by those competitors.

All of the above goes for the automotive industry as well. If you’re an automotive services provider, you are undeniably aware of the way digitization is making changes in the field. You have also heard of the concept known as digital vehicle inspection, a concept that is increasingly being talked about and that you definitely cannot ignore as a professional in this industry.

Even though it has been the topic of many, many conversations, it is completely normal for some people to still not understand the concept of digital vehicle inspection (DVI). If you are among them, that definitely has to change. In other words, you have to understand what it is, as well as get a better idea about how to get the right piece of software to incorporate this concept into your business.

What Is Digital Vehicle Inspection?

If you are ready to learn, let me start by answering the most pressing question here. What exactly is DVI? Inspections are a necessary part of your job, and the automotive service providers have been doing them ever since, well, there were cars. The process of doing it is, however, changing. To be more precise, we are saying goodbye to paper records.

A technician performing the inspection can now use a tablet device to record the results, thus lowering the impact on the environment, but also making things easier for everyone. They use the right inspection software to create a customer profile and then record and store the results, meaning that you’ll always have easy access to the necessary information.

Read about some of the benefits here: https://inspektlabs.com/blog/benefits-of-digital-vehicle-inspections-for-automotive-companies-and-insurers-inspektlabs/

Digital Vehicle Inspection

What Are the Benefits?

Before we get to the part of helping you get the right software solution, you are probably curious about the actual benefits of DVI. Not being aware of those leads to not realizing why you need to switch to the digital way of doing things, which can further postpone your decision of doing it. And, since most of your competitors are doing it, postponing is not exactly the right idea. So, let’s talk benefits.

First things first, you will get to run your shop much more efficiently with digital records and with the data being so easily stored. The standardized reports make the process of building estimates quite simple. Plus, customers get a clear overview of the results and of the work that needs to be done. Every vehicle will be inspected with the same level of care and the process will be completed more quickly.

Furthermore, you will give your customers the modern experience. Everyone is living in the digital world today, and everyone is, thus, expecting the digital experience pretty much wherever they go. You can expect your customers to expect such an experience in your shop as well. And, if you provide it, by emailing the results to the customers, for example, as well as by attaching pictures and videos with the repair estimate, it will be easy for your customers to approve or reject the work that has to be done in a matter of minutes and regardless of where they are located.

All of the above will help build trust with your customers. The data transparency will be highly valued. So, by adding a DVI software solution to your operations, you will not only make the shop run more efficiently, but you will also have more satisfied customers, and satisfied customers are the backbone of every business. Click this to read about some benefits of this concept for UTVs.

How to Get the Right Piece of Software?

Figuring out the benefits of this particular solution will lead you towards wanting to find the best one for you. Getting the right piece of software is a must, because you want the process to be seamless and easy, and you don’t want to have any troubles with the inspections. Taking your time, thus, to make the right choice, is of crucial significance here.

The single most important thing to remember here is that the quality of the software solution will depend on the actual providers. Meaning, therefore, that your main goal should be to find the perfect provider – one that is reliable, reputable, and highly trusted. Research various different ones and check out their DVI software in details, aiming at choosing a solution that will be of great quality, but also completely reasonably priced.

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