What are the location benefits of Blue Hills Country Farms?

What are the location benefits of Blue Hills Country Farms?


Blue Hills Country Farmhouses is a private neighbourhood within BWC Islamabad. The elite dwellings are cutting-edge living spaces with world-class amenities that RDA has approved for potential buyers. The farms are easily accessible via Chakri Road and the M-2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway.

The location is perfect for living a life away from the disturbance and buzz of the city. It is another real estate project between the BGCs and the Imperium Group of Companies, led by Chaudhry Nadeem Ejaz. Mr Saad Nazir, the owner, has created this magnificent living unit for people who desire to lead a royal life in a mansion setting. Country farms provide a four-year financing plan that is quite adaptable. It makes it ideal for a luxurious countryside way of life.

Owners & Developers 

The BG of Companies owns and develops Blue World City Islamabad. BWC has owned by Saad Nazir. In the progression of this residential development, the business has also engaged a pact with Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, one of the furthermost accomplished and knowledgeable building companies in China. The Blue Hills are being designed and built in the most desirable areas of the entire property society. This Society is where you can support and live a lifestyle you’ve never had before. It has everything: distinctiveness, characteristics, creature comforts, a peaceful placement, and so on.

Blue Hills Country Farmhouses NOC

Blue Hills Country Farms’ NOC had authorized in 2018. The RDA has issued NOC. Following this permission, the developers have decided to submit another implementation for Blue Hills Country Farms expansion.

Blue Hills Country Farmhouses Location Benefits

Blue Hills Country Farmhouses developers have positioned it in a superior and easily obtainable position. The farms are accessible via Chakri Road and Chakri Exchanging.

Because of its proximity to the twin cities, Blue Hills Farms have situated in a luxury location that inspires investors to experience investments without hesitation. For more information about blue world city Islamabad location contact us on this link.

Masterplan for Blue Hills Country Farmhouses

Blue Hills Country farmhouses have designed to provide you with the best possible way of life.

 Creators and officials provide four different farmhouse sizes for investors to choose from the property. These farmhouses will be planned and constructed according to the investors’ preferences.

The plot sizes are as follows:

4,8, 12 & 16 kanals

Everyone can select the plot size best suits their needs and cost estimate. However, BWC believes that a financial plan is critical. Because it will assist you in determining what plot dimensions you want to purchase.

Amenities And Infrastructure

Blue Hills Country Farmhouses provides its owners & inhabitants with a broad range of cutting-edge amenities and features. These services and facilities meet the highest international standards. A few of the facilities that will have offered are as follows:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • 24/7 Gas
  • 24/7 Water
  • Continual power supply
  • Shopping malls
  • Parks with Lush Greenery
  • A tranquil setting
  • gated & Secure Society
  • Large carpeted roads

Attractive Characteristics

The BWC Farmhouses offer a living space with the relevant international features:

  • Riding and sports clubs
  • Cattle farms and horse stables
  • The golf course is of international calibre
  • Cattle farming’s central management space
  • Horticulturists on call

Reason to Invest in this Block

Blue Hills Country Farms is an established real estate development firm. Its characteristics are unparalleled in Pakistan by any other housing society. Blue Hills Farms creates environmentally friendly designs that the developers have replicated throughout the industrialized nations. This Society is also enclosed by plants and highlands, generating a peaceful atmosphere. Hills Farms have dedicated itself to providing a one-of-a-kind living environment in Pakistan, acting as a trailblazer and a model for other land developers.

Gated Community

The Country Farms is a safe part of the BWC. Admittedly, the protection is more advanced in this sociocultural Block than in the others. However, the overall environment is relatively secure for you and your family to have a healthy and safe life.

Extravagant Lifestyle

The Blue Hills Country Farms offers a spectacular set of amenities that the current societal other Block inhabitants will regard as a high level of extravagant living. The world standards will serve as an inspiration for potential Pakistani and South Asian property developers.


Blue Farms is the BWC’s most convenient and accessible location, with connectivity from Chakri Highway and Chakri Junction.

A Calm and Serene Atmosphere

You can live a carefree, more natural existence thanks to the Block. A peaceful society was removed from the busy city, encircled by a verdant landscape.

It will offer a pollution-free, wholesome, and ecological integrity where you can grow your family. Even though it is not in a housing society, its natural atmosphere and conveniences are unquestionably on par with those of those communities.

Unlimited Commercial Possibilities

You may be sure that this Society has countless commercial potential, making it a unique housing project in the region. There will be enough jobs thanks to the numerous commercial avenues, high-rise shopping centres, and leisure areas.

Max Investment Returns

It is a perfect moment to invest in the community because rates are currently at their minimum and the community.   However, these prices will undoubtedly rise after the subsequent development and give buyers a respectable return for their money.

A Feeling of Belonging

With its premium amenities and cutting-edge facilities, this community is a catch and worth buying in because it will give its residents a sense of belonging. In addition, the community will raise your living standard and win your heart with its continuous improvement and innovative offerings.


 Blue Hills Farms The BGCs and the Imperium Group of Companies have made Islamabad a reality. First, the best recreational accommodations represent a once-in-a-lifetime chance for Pakistani investors. The Farms have long been an overall investment strategy in twin cities. Lastly, It has recommended investing, without a doubt, in country farms.

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