How To Utilize These Two Notable Services From PDFBear For Free

How To Utilize These Two Notable Services From PDFBear For Free

Most people who work in business and schools tend to use PDF file format. PDF comes with notable features that is why people are primarily using it. Thus, help from a reliable web-based tool such as PDFBear will be a huge help when editing a PDF file. Here are some of the services from PDFBear:

Benefits Of Using PDFBear

There are already several people who utilize PDFBear as their PDF editor tool. Basically, PDFBear is an online platform that provides the best PDF tools and other services such as electronic signatures to help anyone with their file transformation tasks. Also, these services come with easy-to-use features that you will surely need in the future.

PDFBear as an online tool has received much recognition among its users. It is highly rated due to its sophisticated method and features. Not only that, you can use these tools for free. Thus, anyone who is new to organizing and editing their PDF files will benefit most from PDFBear.

In addition, with PDFBear’s top-tier features, you can utilize it using a variety of Operating Systems such as Linux, Mac, and Microsoft. Also, you may choose from several browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. With these features, it is safe to say that PDFBear is genuinely a reliable online tool.

Moreover, some of the services that PDFBear can offer you is its Word to PDF converter tool. Also, if you need to fix your corrupted file, you can try its Repair PDF tool. All of these tools are friendly to those who are not experts in using online tools. In addition, these tools come with straightforward procedures.

How To Fix Your Corrupted PDF File

In normal circumstances, the owner of a corrupted PDF file will just delete the file. It is common, especially if the file bears no essential data or confidential information. However, if a file has necessary data, one would do its best to fix the problem. The most common way of fixing a corrupted file is by using an online PDF tool.

PDFBear has the Repair PDF tool that guarantees to fix your corrupted PDF file. With its easy-to-use features, this task would only need a few steps. Moreover, this tool is highly recognized by many users and even those who are experts. To know how to utilize this tool, you only have to follow these procedures:

  • Like any other PDF tool, the first step that one should do is prepare the file. When the file is ready, you have to place it in PDFBear by dragging and dropping it in its system.
  • Once the system recognizes your file, the next procedure will take place. The system will automatically process and repair your file. In most cases, PDFBear can easily handle files with minor problems.
  • Usually, it takes one minute to finish your file.
  • Finally, once the file is already fixed, you can start clicking your file’s link and download it. You can now start storing it in your storage system or share it with your friends online.

How To Compress A PDF File

Mostly, people who work with files everyday encounter files of large sizes. This kind of file usually bears problems. For example, if you wish to send your file immediately, it would take longer than a smaller file size. Thus, it would compromise your productivity at work. Also, it consumes too much space on your device.

One way to counter this problem is by using a PDF tool. PDFBear is the name on the top when it comes to PDF editor tools. With its Compress PDF tool, you can quickly reduce the size of your file for free. Also, this tool can be used easily by anyone, even if they are not familiar with its features.

However, there is also a downside to compressing a PDF file. Once you reduce the size of your file, the quality of your will also decrease. Luckily, the smart and sophisticated technology of PDFBear guarantees that your compressed PDF file will have the same quality as your original file. Here’s how to do it:

  • Search for PDFBear and put your file in its tool.
  • The system will recognize and process your file.
  • It will need a minute to compress your PDF.
  • Lastly, click your file’s link, and you can have your file ready for download.


Learning how to optimize and fix your PDF files is essential since most people are using PDF nowadays. With PDFBear, it is guaranteed that you will have a safer and manageable online tool for editing your PDF file.

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