Tween Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Tween Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Whether your child wears jeans and a t-shirt or prefers more contemporary layered outfits, tween fashion has its vibe. Girls and boys at this age discover their styles, often taking current trends and making them more unique.

Be sure to set guidelines if you must be okay with a certain style, such as exposing too much skin or skinny jeans that skim the bottom of their legs.


As kids move through the tween years, they tend to start paying more attention to their appearance and how they want others to view them. This is a great time to teach them the importance of wearing age-appropriate clothes.

Skinny jeans and stretchy leggings are popular tween fashion trends that pair well with long tunic-style sweaters, loose tank tops, peasant-style shirts and more. Ballet flats, sneakers and boots are excellent for pairing with these looks.

For boys, joggers and hoodies are popular options that pair well with dress pants or denim. Look for clothing with camo prints in stores like; these prints go well with dark blues and other hues.


When it comes to T-shirts, the quality of the fabric is everything. Thicker tees look better and feel softer and tend to be more flattering on the body. Thinner tees, on the other hand, look cheaper and sloppier. They can also cling to your belly or love handles unflatteringly.

The sleeves should be long enough to cover your biceps but not so long that they flap around or touch your elbows. The neckline should be high enough to show a bit of collarbone but not so low that it exposes your stomach.

Layered Outfits

Layering is one of the best ways to make an outfit look stylish and warm without looking bulky. The key is to choose garments that are of different lengths. For example, a sweater vest can be layered over a button-down shirt or a dress. Rolling up the shirt’s sleeves can also add a cool contrast element.

The ideal amount of layers is three – a shirt, a middle layer like a vest or sweater, and a coat. However, remember that too many layers make you look bloated and stiff.


A jumpsuit is a great option for girls who want to make an impact at an event but still need to be comfortable. Just be sure it’s not too tight in the chest (think: camel toe), and check that it’s long enough to wear with heels without dragging on the floor or creating a tripping hazard.

Also, only go strapless if you have the right bra to support it! You might look sloppy, and the neckline may need to be more flattering on your body type.


Hoodies are a staple item in many people’s wardrobes. They’re cozy and comfortable and can be worn with different outfits to create various looks. Hoodies are also easy to clean and maintain. They can be washed and dried without losing shape and can easily be made new again with a few simple steps.

You can dress a hoodie up by pairing it with a suit jacket or coat. This look is perfect for a casual night out or running errands. It blends formality and casual style, making it suitable for an upscale bar or local dive.

Camo Prints

Tapered camouflage pants are surprisingly versatile, especially in a neutral shade like olive green. Pair them with a men’s button-up shirt or pink tank to soften the tough vibes and add going-out sexiness. Avoid camo cargo pants with voluminous pockets or zips that give off nutty survivalist vibes.

Camo print has been spotted on the runways in various styles, from head-turning knee-high boots and glam interpretations to sleeveless army jackets. The key to rocking camo is to keep your accessories in neutral colors so that the pattern stands out.


Tween girls love to add a personal stamp to their clothing with accessories. Whether it’s a colorful tie-dye hoodie, high-low tops or neutral jackets, they mix and match pieces to express their unique personalities.

If your tween is pear-shaped, she should avoid tops that draw attention to her hips and thighs. She may also prefer loose athletic shorts and tees over tight ones. She may choose longer tops that flatter her bust if she’s apple-shaped. Tweens also love to accessorize with backpacks, clutches, and bags in cheetah prints or other fun patterns.

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