Tricks, Origin of Card Game James Bond

Tricks, Origin of Card Game James Bond

Have you played a card game without a joker? James Bond is a famous card game that has gained popularity lately through its online version. Some of the online casino platforms are offering it with extra bonuses to attract more gamers gradually. Here, in this article, we will take a brief look at the unique game and the origin of it. Here we go…

Sunny days at camp are often spent out and about in nature, but those rainy afternoons provide some of the best opportunity to learn new card games. But once summertime is long gone, names and rules are soon forgotten. This is the basic concept how James Bond card game originated even though the origin of the name is still a mystery. However, let us now understand something more about the game and how it is exactly played either offline or online. Before we proceed, it is important to know that both the versions are equally interesting.

What was that game? And how is it played?

Perhaps the game that comes to mind is “James Bond.” The origin of the name is a mystery, and any name or word can be substituted. Nevertheless, it is most commonly referred to as the British super-spy. It is gaining popularity among online gamblers too.

A game for two

James Bond is just a normal card deck without jokers being used. Online gamblers may not find much difference playing it compared to other card games. The cards are shuffled and dealt so that six piles of four are in a line in front of each player, and the remaining four cards are spaced evenly between the two players. At a count of ready, set, go! the two players flip the middle four cards over, and the game begins.

A game of speed

The goal of the game is to be the first player to have six piles of four of a kind by trading cards between the piles via the center row. Yes, James Bond is a game of speed and this should be taken care by the online gamblers. Without proper speed, the chances of winning may decrease.

Do note that a player can only look at one pile at a time. Often a player will take whatever cards are available that increase the odds of ending up with four of a kind in a specific pile. In the example game, the first pile contains a 5, King, 3, and Jack. The center row consists of a 2, 5, 3, and a 7. Therefore, the player decides to swap the King for 5 and the Jack for a 3. The player can do no more with the first pile, so it is time to move on to the next pile.

The second pile contains an Ace, an Ace, a 6, and an 8. There is nothing that can be done to improve this pile, so the player quickly moves on to the third pile.

Aha! The third pile contains a 5, 5, 2, and a King! The player remembers that back in Pile #1 there are the other two fives! In order to move the cards, the player swaps a 5 for the 2 from the center row, and the second 5 for the King.

The player then picks up Pile #1 and replaces the two threes with the two fives, then places the pile of four of a kind face up.

One card at a time

Now let us know something about the tricks part. No card game can turn up favorable without using tricks.

The trickiest part is that the two players are each shuffling cards from pile to pile at the same time. Each player can only be transferring one card at a time from a pile to and from the center row, and at no time can a player swipe up more than one card at a time.

Sometimes this is incredibly frustrating when three or four of a kind end up in the center row. Do have patients and continue the game with cool plans and strategies.

The game ends

The game ends when a player has six piles of four of a kind face up in front of them and they shout, “James Bond!” Do note here that the shouting part is important in this game in order to win.

The rules in summary

  • Each player has six piles of four cards face down in front of them and equal access to the communal row of four cards face up in the center, from which trades can be made.
  • Each player can only look at one pile at a time.
  • Cards can only be moved between the pile and the center one at a time.
  • Once a player has all piles of four of a kind face up, they must shout “James Bond!” to win.


Online card games are gaining popularity gradually through casino and gambling websites. Some of the best online casino platforms where James Bond card game can be played are based in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and China. The game can be played either for free as a trial or using real money. Winning money remains the main focus here, always. Many wins huge cash money while many losses simultaneously. Winning relies on some important factors like correct strategy, good plan and of course good luck.

Various gaming experts and financial advisors suggest to play online card games responsibly and avoid addiction. James Bond is an addictive game like other card games and it is recommended to play within the risk attitude. Chasing losses may lead to more losses. The act should be avoided and one must understand when is the right time to quit a game. Games are available every day. There is no limit to opportunities. The online platforms offer bonuses like the common Malayan casino bonus and other perks to attract more and more gamers every day. Still, it is important to avoid losing more by playing more.

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