Tips to buy a home in Idaho

Tips to buy a home in Idaho

When it comes to buying a house in Idaho, it gets very exciting for the buyer. However, this cannot be done instantly. This process takes some time as various factors such as financial conditions of the buyer, market value and economy affect the cost and selling price of the houses.

For example, homes for sale in Shelley, Idaho are currently reaching up to an average of $450,000. Here are some tips to buy a home in Idaho that might help you in managing all the market conditions and grabbing the best deal for your dream house.

Home Buying Tips in Idaho

  1. Idea of Down Payment: Down payment is the initial investment as a part of the entire cost. The remaining amount is generally paid regularly such as in EMIs. Generally, mortgage lenders in Idaho expect you to pay 20% of the total cost as a down payment. For an average house in Idaho, this 20% down payment would cost about $90000. However, you can negotiate and reduce this amount. VA and FHA loans, which are supported by the government, let you invest about 0-3.5% of the total cost as the down payment. Moreover, there are even some other conventional loans that allow you to pay only about 2-3% of the total cost as a down payment.
  2. Choosing the Right Location: If you wish to buy a house, the neighborhood is equally important as the structure and the interior. You should consider various points while choosing the correct location.
  3. a) Fix your buying budget as prices vary from house to house, locality to locality.
  4. b) You should check the neighborhood facilities such as transportation, connectivity, schools, hospitals, etc.
  5. Find an expert agent: A real estate agent plays a crucial role in deciding each factor that would affect your purchase decision. They help you get the best deals, negotiate well and complete all the paperwork so that you do not need to stress about any formalities. You should not be in a hurry to choose a real estate agent. When choosing your agent you should always check various factors such as his years of experience, the number of deals, overall review score, and dealing skills. He must also be aware of the neighborhood that you are interested in.
  6. Prioritize your needs: No home fulfills all the needs of the buyer. Every property will have some good factors and some bad ones. It depends upon the buyer to buy what features they need and what can they compromise on. You should prepare a list of all the necessary features in your house and another list of not-so-important features that are negotiable. This would sort your needs and wants and it would be easier to find a home. Your broker can assist you in determining whether your expectations are practical according to your financial situation and neighborhood or whether you need to change your criteria.
  7. Pick up the right time: The time you choose to start looking for a house can heavily impact your purchase. There are possibilities that you would observe rapid changes in the number of houses available for sale, and hence you may or may get a good number of buying options. The month of June typically has the highest number of homes for sale in Idaho. You can have more selections and a better chance of discovering your ideal house if you search during this time of year. On the contrary, the month of December witnessed the least number of houses for sale in Idaho.
  8. Do not delay in making an offer: Homes in Idaho normally stay on the market for about 59 days before a contract is signed. However, good homes could be sold out very much quicker than the others! So if you find an ideal house that fulfills all your needs and wants, you should not delay in making a good deal. Your real estate agent will work with you to create an offer that will convince the owner to sell to you at the best rate possible.


Buying a house in Idaho is quite exciting, but one needs to check all the good and bad qualities of the house before actually purchasing it. If you do not have much idea about properties, it is recommended that you should hire a property agent who would guide you throughout your buying process. Also, having a clear mindset about your needs and wants from the house is very important. You might get very confused at the end if you do not prioritize your necessities.

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