Tips and Tricks of Playing Online Card Game Cuarenta

Tips and Tricks of Playing Online Card Game Cuarenta

Indonesia is one of the best markets for online casino lovers and Cuarenta or Forty, played by four players, is the most popular one. Here, in this article, we will discuss about it in brief and try to understand how to play like a pro.

Firstly, start by removing all of the 8’s, 9’s and 10’s from a standard deck of cards. Put them and the jokers aside: these cards will be used to keep score. The other cards (ace through seven, jacks, queens and kings) are used in play.

Of the four players, make two teams of two who sit across from one another.

How to Play Cuarenta

Based in Indonesia, the online dealer (usually determined by who picks the highest card out of a face-down deck) deals five cards to each player. He or she should have twenty cards left: set them aside for a moment. The player to the right of the dealer then plays any card, face up. Play continues around the table to the right until all 20 cards have been played: then the game is repeated with the remaining cards. Once the dealer has dealt twice (two sets of 20 cards each) the deal moves to the right. Teams play until one team reaches 40 (cuarenta, hence the name).

How to Earn Points in Cuarenta

There are several ways to earn points in cuarenta.

  • “Ronda:” Any player who is dealt three of a kind in his hand (say, three queens) can say “ronda” before play begins: his or her team is awarded two points.
  • “Caida:” If a player plays the same card as the player before, it is called a “caida.” Say, if player one plays a jack, and then player two also plays a jack, it’s a caida and worth two points to player two. Player two’s team also collects both cards.
  • “Limpio:” Limpio means “clean.” Anyone who “cleans” the table gets two points for his or her team. Say, for example, that the only card on the table is a three. If the player whose turn it is also plays a three, it’s a limpio and also worth two points. The player’s team collects both cards.

Collecting cards: It’s good to collect cards off of the table, because they are added up at the end. Caidas and Limpios get to collect cards, but there’s more to it than that. If the cards on the table are in ascending sequence, a player can take more than one. Say for example that there is a five, six and seven on the table. If a player plays a seven, he or she takes both sevens off the table and keeps them. If he or she plays a six, then he or she takes both sixes and the seven, because it is one up from the six. If the same player plays a five, he or she takes both fives, the six, and the seven. A good haul! Since the 8-9-10 cards are gone, jacks follow sevens: a player can play a seven and take a seven and a jack if both are on the table.

It’s also possible to add up the pips on the cards. Say there is a two and a four on the table. A player whose turn it is can play a two and take both twos, or play a four and take both fours, but if he or she plays a six he or she can take all three cards, because four plus two is six.

Keeping Score in Cuarenta

The 8-9-10 cards and jokers are used to keep score. Each card is worth two points. If a team scores points on a caida, ronda or limpio they are awarded a face-up card (the numbers on the score cards mean nothing) immediately. A face-up card is worth two points: face down is ten. For example, a team showing three cards face up and two face down has 26 points.

According to website, after all the 40 cards have been played, each team adds up the number of cards they have collected. If a team has up to 19 cards, they get no points. The 20th card is worth 6 points, and then each card thereafter is worth one. Therefore, if a team has 24 cards at the end of play, they get 10 points. If the number is uneven, round up: seven is eight, eleven is twelve, etc.

The first team to 40 is the winner, although it’s often traditional to stop play at 38 and only win by “caida.”

Example of Cuarenta Game Play:

Imagine there are a two and a three on the table and then player one plays a jack. What should player two play?

Best play: jack, two or five. If player two plays a jack, it’s a caida and worth two points, plus he or she keeps the two jacks to add up later. If he or she plays a two, then it’s both twos followed by the three, so he or she keeps three cards. Likewise with the five: two plus three is five, so he or she would keep all three cards, leaving only the jack on the table.

Good play: three. If player two has no fives, twos or jacks, next best is a three: at least he or she will keep both threes (and not give the next player a chance at a caida).

Bad plays: ace, four, seven, queen. If any of these cards are played, it gives the next player a chance to take multiple cards off the table. Say a four is played. The then next player can play a two and take both twos and the three and the four, thus keeping four cards which can be added up to points later.

Neutral plays: six, king. Neither of these cards will do the next player any good, but won’t result in points for player two’s team.

Cuarenta is enjoyed by people of all ages and across the world. It is simple and easy with a little practice.

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