Things to know before filing a dog bite lawsuit in Atlanta

Things to know before filing a dog bite lawsuit in Atlanta

Dogs are happy and friendly animals, but once in a while, animals act unreasonably and cause unexpected injuries to people. Dog bite accidents are not rare in Atlanta, and if you have suffered injuries in such a mishap, you need to consult an experienced injury lawyer to know who is legally liable for your suffering. You can also learn more about your rights and how to deal with the insurance company. Before you file a dog bite lawsuit in Atlanta, here are some key things to know.

Investigating the accident

It is important to find the history of the animal before you take further steps. How the animal was acquired, whether it had prior training, and the veterinarian responsible for the dog’s healthcare are some things that your lawyer will try to find. Your lawyer may have to talk to the dog owner’s neighbors to know if there have been previous incidents involving the animal, and many attorneys even hire private investigators to gather relevant info. They will also check if the police or people from animal control were ever called to the dog’s house for such incidents.

Dog Bite Laws in Georgia

  1. The strict liability rule, which is used in states like California and Colorado, is not applicable in Georgia. If the dog owner has reasons to know that the animal is dangerous, they are liable for the injuries suffered by the victim. This is also known as the one-bite rule, which means it often happens that the owner is let free because the incident is the first one. However, the owner could be held liable in some cases, especially if they didn’t take proper care to protect the victim from the dog, especially if the dog has a history of aggressive behavior.
  2. There is also the local leash law, which is used in many municipalities. For instance, in Atlanta, all dog owners are required to have their dogs on leashes in public. The only exception to that is dog parks or designated areas.
  3. If you want to file a dog bite injury claim in Atlanta, you must file it within two years from the date of the mishap. The Statute of Limitations has assigned that deadline, which must be adhered to, and if you fail to bring your claim within that time, the court will most likely deny admitting the case.

Don’t let a dog owner get away with negligence – call an injury lawyer now!

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