The Ultimate Baby Holiday Packing List

The Ultimate Baby Holiday Packing List

A family vacation is an excellent opportunity to get away from it all and spend quality time in new settings. With luck, your baby will be an excellent traveler and sleep for the majority of the journey. However, the amount of gear she’ll require to keep herself comfortable and happy is startling.

The number of belongings you pack will also be determined by the type of vacation you are taking. If you’re heading somewhere distant and don’t want to think about anything (and you have the space to pack everything), this is the way to go.

Here’s a list of things you and your infant should bring on vacation.

  1. Bottled Milk

Take enough expressed breastmilk or formula for the journey if you want to bring it. If you’re concerned about finding formulas in your destination, you should bring enough for your entire vacation.

Pack lots of ready-mades or powdered formula, as well as bottles, teats, sterilizing equipment, and a bottle warmer in this case.

  1. Car Seat

For safe travel by vehicle, airline, rail, or bus, a well-fitting seat by a reliable baby car seat manufacturer is needed. When you reach your destination, it can also be used as a convenient infant seat.

  1. Pushchair

A lightweight folding stroller is probably more suited to town and city environments, while an all-terrain pushchair is perfect for off-road and rocky walks.

  1. Baby Sling

A decent sling or baby carrier can make it much easier to travel around with your infant. Babywearing is particularly useful in a crowded airport, train station, or city.

  1. Feeding Equipment

Bibs,  spoons, wipes, beakers, and a plastic bag for soiled objects should all be included.

  1. Cool Clothes

To block the sun off your kid, wear long-sleeved clothes and long pants or dresses.

  1. Warm Clothes

Bring clothing that is easy to layer if you are traveling somewhere cool so that your infant is always comfortable. Even the hottest countries might lose heat unexpectedly at the end of the day.

  1. Hats

Pack a wide-brimmed hat that protects your baby’s neck and face to keep the sun off. Pack a wool or fleece hat if the weather is going to be cold.

  1. Plenty Of Outfits

If feasible, inquire about the availability of laundry facilities where you will be staying. If that’s the case, only bring a couple of outfits; otherwise, bring two complete pieces for each day.

  1. Bath Plug

A universal travel bath plug can fit into any plughole and may be used to convert any basin into a baby bath. A pair of socks placed over the faucets will keep your child from turning them on.

  1. Toiletries

Bring along your standard baby wash, sponge, shampoo, and lotion.

  1. Blankets

Take adequate blankets for your baby, as well as her sleeping bag if she has one.

  1. First-aid kit

Make sure you and your infant have all of the necessary first-aid items. Include contact information for emergency contacts, medical helplines, and your lodging’s phone number in the kit.

  1. Sunscreen

Make sure you have a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 that is active against UVA and UVB. Apply a large amount to your child. Keep your infant out of the sun totally if she is under six months old.

  1. Travel Blackout Blinds

If you want to lay your baby down to sleep during the day, blotting off the sunlight may help her settle.

  1. Travel Stair Gate

If you’re concerned about doors to patios or pools with pond filter mat, this will offer peace of mind.

If Travelling Internationally

You will need:

  • Passport / Birth Certificate
  • Health & Travel Insurance Documents
  • Vaccination records, if applicable
  • Contact of a gun safe manufacturer to protect your travel ammunition legally

Nifty Packing Tips

  • Have you got Squish / Pouch Food and Disposable Bibs stowed around the house? Fruit Puree is the best way to calm a crying infant.
  • Dummies should be packed everywhere, in every pocket of every bag, so you shouldn’t have to look excessively hard to find one at any given time.
  • Each bag should have its own set (beach bag, nappy bag, and handbag). You might also want to keep some extra Baby Powder in your beach bag because it’s the only thing that will easily remove sticky beach sand.
  • Linen Savers, Wet Wipes (the small travel size packages are a lifesaver), and Nappy Sacks should all be stowed in a few places. There are never enough wet wipes.
  • Have a few Plastic Shopping Packets stored as well, to use as a temporary trash can.

For Your Carry On Hand Luggage:

  • Keep in mind that flights might be extremely cold (pack warm clothes and a blanket)
  • Bottles that have already been prepared and are ready to drink (a pre-mixed formula bottle can last for a few hours at room temp)
  • Re-sealable Squish, Pure Organic, Ella’s Kitchen, and other pouch foods
  • x1 Teddy Nappy / Special Blankie per hour
  • Wrapping a sling (because you may need to pace the aisles)
  • Wipes (wet)
  • A medication kit.
  • Suppositories for pain (easier than trying to get syrup down the throat of a screaming baby)
  • iPad / iPhone portable charger
  • Change of clothes for mom/dad/baby (because you’re probably going to puke)
  • A plastic bag for spills and soiled clothes


Baby holiday packing is not an easy task, we agree. But when you have the rightly compiled list to follow, things get amazingly easy. We hope you were not missing anything from the above list? If you were, we are glad the post helped.

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