The Sharing of Data Enables Grant Management

The Sharing of Data Enables Grant Management

Do you wish to streamline grant management for your company? GivingData is a great option for companies looking for a quick and easy way to manage donations as they move through the many stages of the grant life cycle. Pre-award, award, and post-award are the three phases that make up the grant life cycle. “Pre-award” describes the time frame preceding the grant’s official announcement. 

To prevent financial waste and ensure that every incentive is appropriately planned and budgeted, each of these stages necessitates an open and effective approach. Givers and nonprofits might profit in this situation from a one-stop grants management system such as GivingData’s GMS 2.0.

You can acquire all the information and tools you need to expedite and simplify the grant application process with our grants management system. Our ultimate goal is to develop software that facilitates communication and openness between funders and grantmakers as well as between grantmakers and grant applicants. Our system streamlines grant administration, whether it’s processing grant applications or producing grant award reports.

Our grants management system was developed with the goal of making grant administration easier, quicker, and more accurate than it has ever been. We provide a secure interface so you can manage your money, run apps, and create reports. We’ll discuss how to apply for grants and how GivingData can help you make your gift management system better.

What Does the Grant Review Process Actually Entail?

As mentioned before, there are three main phases to the grant life cycle: the pre-award, award, and post-award phases. This phase’s main objectives are to conduct research on different grant kinds and prepare grant applications for submission. When making awards, you will oversee these grants and allocate funds sensibly. 

Monitoring money to ensure correct use and reporting to funding sources is the main objective of post-award activities. The secure, feature-rich GMS 2.0 platform from GivingData simplifies the management of donations during the grant life cycle. The end effect is a faster and more accurate process overall. To have a better understanding of the potential uses for this application, let’s examine each of these in greater detail.

The Platform Before the Awards

Both the grant creation process and the funding application process are included in the pre-award phase of grant management. This is the most important step in the grant application process because it determines if the group will be able to get funding in the future. The charitable organization will also make the prize known at this point and make it accessible to anyone who satisfies the prerequisites. The charity organization will arrange, manage, and examine the applications following their evaluation and filing.

The Potential of GivingData to Help You

This process might be made easier by the GivingData grants administration platform, which offers applicants a secure place in which to submit their applications. With this tool, applications are automatically saved so that applicants can come back and make changes later if necessary. Since it enables applicants to get in touch with funders and ask concerns or request clarification, a lot of people consider this stage of the application process to be crucial. Not to mention the ability to monitor progress, draw attention to a particular area, and reject the submission of an application if necessary data is missing.

Moreover, applications submitted into the following folders—rejected applications, closed grants, active grants, and current applicants—allow grant assessors to maintain tabs on what they’re reviewing. You can produce grant and financial request documentation with the aid of several templates and tools available in our grants management system. For instance, if funds are desperately needed, the grant-making process might be started.

The Ceremony of Presentation

The second step in the grant administration process is called the award phase. This calls for monitoring awards, efficiently allocating resources, and guaranteeing precise results. The nonprofit will be in charge of monitoring donations and their effectiveness during this time so that contributors are informed of any changes.

Communication Facilitation

The grants administration system offered by GivingData offers a safe haven for receiving gifts and allocating monies to the right recipients. Additionally, the platform includes grant reporting features that make it simple for the nonprofit to compile reports on the progress and results of donations, which can then be sent to donors. Open communication between the donor and the beneficiary is another benefit of the grants management system. Things could get tricky if grantees are required to record all of the transactions they make with the funds. This service’s availability allows the grantee to submit their charges and manage them all in one location. This ensures that the grantmaker and the funding source may access these reports.

After the Ceremony

The third and final phase of the grant operation is called the post-award phase. To do this, evaluations for funding organizations must be created, and monies must be reviewed frequently to guarantee effective use. Additionally, the nonprofit has to keep tabs on its funding achievements and any necessary modifications.

Circumstances Where Your Business Excels

An intuitive grant data dashboard is provided by GivingData’s grants administration platform, which could expedite the procedure. The charitable organization can quickly generate reports and assess its financial condition with this dashboard. Reports on finances and programming are the two types that need to be watched immediately. It will be required for data management of both kinds. 

Both of these can be recorded in one location using GivingData’s grants administration tool, which makes it simpler for anyone in charge of monitoring these reports to do so. Additionally, the platform has monitoring features that let nonprofits keep tabs on grant modifications, successes, and results. The plan accounts for the possibility that grant reports and reviews could need many years at times.

Check Out GivingData on Your Own!

The best method for streamlining and expediting grant administration throughout the grant life cycle is GivingData’s grants management system. GivingData provides this donation management system as a service. It offers a safe space for companies to apply for grants, evaluate their accomplishments, monitor their expansion, allocate funds sensibly, generate donor reports, handle all of their financial data in one location, and much more. By using this technology, you can be sure that every grant proposal you submit is objectively assessed and properly documented.

GivingData is happy to help you develop into a more reliable donor. Real-time interaction, application improvements, frequent updates, and dashboard analysis for funders and grantees are how this is accomplished. Each of these components plays a part in this. All parties are able to stay informed about the progress of applications and awards due to the open and honest communication between the organization providing the grants and the recipients of the funds. The parties’ trust grows as a result. 

Numerous applications are available to help with this process in different ways. Charitable organizations sometimes need to employ two or more different types of software or systems to handle their data structure. GivingData puts every level together on a single page. Not just grantmakers but all parties participating in the process gain from its use and accessibility. Visit right now to see how easy it may be to manage gifts.

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