The Origin of Ugly Christmas Jumpers: Why Do We Like Them?

The Origin of Ugly Christmas Jumpers: Why Do We Like Them?

Let’s talk about ugly Christmas jumpers – how they became so popular and why are they still all the rage?

They are often red or green, cosy and warm, ornamented with Christmas-themed motifs, have too much going on, and we absolutely adore them.  

Ugly Christmas jumpers have become one of the most beloved and hideous holiday traditions that keep coming back every year.  

They’re pretty much a wardrobe staple. 

Somehow they manage to put a smile on virtually every grinch’s face come the festive season. 

With new designs that incorporate the idea of the ugly jumper coming out every Christmas, they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.  

But what makes them so appealing, and how did they even manage to sneak into our closets?    

Popularised by TV  

The inspiration for ugly Christmas jumpers can be traced back to sitcoms popular in the 80s. Similar Christmas-themed jumpers can be seen on popular family-friendly sitcoms. However, they were, for the most part, buttoned-up cardigans.  

The jumper was also featured in the film Bridget Jones’s Diary in 2001 and other shows that portrayed the Christmas time.   

Nevertheless, they were around for longer. With the beginning of the mass commercialisation of Christmas in the 50s, toned-down prototypes of what is now known as ugly Christmas jumpers appeared. 

Original Christmas jumpers were meant to reflect the holiday spirit and were joyful and simple. At the time, ugly Christmas jumpers were known as Jingle Bell Jumpers. 

The Ugly Christmas Jumper Party  

Nowadays, the City of Vancouver claims to be the birthplace of the ugly Christmas jumper. You can even attend festivities dedicated to the garment, such as the ugly Christmas jumper party. 

They organise parties that feature the jumpers since 2002. The founders of such parties have a trademark on the phrase ugly Christmas and ugly Christmas party.  

The party is a benefit and collects funds for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Canada.  

Haute Couture and Social Media 

The role of social media and the rising popularity of vintage clothing keeps this trend coming back every year.  

With a little help from the media, which has a significant role in setting trends today, ugly jumpers have become fashionable. 

Designers also picked up the trend in 2010. That year you could even find a variety of designs inspired by the recognisable print of the ugly Christmas jumper.   

After its spotlight in Christmas fashion shows, ugly Christmas jumpers as we know them today were born and made available to various retail stores.  

Therefore, the time for searching for the ugliest Christmas jumper in thrift stores was over, and now we can see jumpers of different celebrities and even politicians every year.  

The National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day  

Ugly Christmas jumper enthusiasts have even a day dedicated to these unattractive yet lovable garments, celebrated on the third Friday in December. This year it falls on December 16th, so don’t forget to proudly wear the ugliest Xmas-themed jumper you can find.  

Why Do We Enjoy Ugly Jumpers?  

Are they more than just a fashion statement? Just like Christmas, it became a tradition to keep yourself warm and showcase the ugliest jumper you could find.  

Considering they even have the adjective ugly in their name, you might be wondering what the appeal of it is.  

Christmas is the time of the year when we connect with our loved ones and have some time off from our busy lives. Ugly Christmas jumpers are the easiest way to have fun during the festive season and achieve a sense of belonging.   

Jump On The Ugly Christmas Jumper Bandwagon 

Ugly Christmas jumpers reappear every year, and just when it seemed they might become a fading trend, they returned stronger than ever.  

Ever since the commercialisation of Christmas in the 1950s, they described the spirit of Christmas and what it is all about – belonging to a community, connecting with others, and letting a spark of joy and fun into our lives.  

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