The Do’s and Don’ts After Having Labiaplasty Surgery

The Do’s and Don’ts After Having Labiaplasty Surgery

Are you considering getting labiaplasty surgery?

Most women suffer in silence, embarrassed by the appearance of their labia. This only increases the associated anxiety and social discomfort. This is where the labiaplasty procedure comes in. It is safe and recovery is fast.

Yet, the recovery period is not the only thing to take note of. Follow these dos and don’ts after labiaplasty surgery recovery to have the best experience.

Read on to learn what you need to know to maintain optimal labiaplasty recovery.

Keep the Area Clean

Keeping the area clean is paramount for individuals who have had labiaplasty surgery. If you take showers, you should ensure that water does not come into contact with the stitched area as much as possible.

After washing the area, pat it with a wet, clean cloth and dry it. Avoid using dry towelettes, alcohol, and scented wipes, as they irritate the area.

Rubbing the area too much may damage the stitches, so avoid this. About clothing, you should wear loose cotton clothing to cover the area, as a tight dress can cause damage and pain.

Apply Prescribed Ointments

Applying prescribed ointments is essential to ensure a speedy recovery. Clean the lotion after each application and use the cream as prescribed.

They recommend applying 1-2 times daily but always consult your labiaplasty specialist instructions. Please do not leave the ointment on for extended periods, as it can lead to infection.

Do not apply ointment to dry skin, or you may experience further discomfort. Be sure to keep the area dry and clean. If you notice any swelling, redness, increase in pain, nausea, or fevers, contact your doctor immediately, as these can be signs of infection, and they should treat it as soon as possible.

Use Tampons or Have Sexual Intercourse

After having labiaplasty surgery, you shouldn’t use tampons or have a sexual relationship. Follow your doctor’s instructions to ensure you heal and lower your risk of problems after surgery.

You shouldn’t use a tampon for up to 6 weeks; most doctors will tell you to wait between 4 and 6 weeks before sexual contact. During the healing process, keeping the area as dry as possible is essential.

Engage in Strenuous Activities

It’s important to stay busy after recovering from surgery, but people who want to do hard things like exercise should be careful and talk to their doctors first. It says to wait at least a week before doing anything strenuous and to start at a lower level of effort set by a doctor.

Giving the body as much time as possible to rest while it heals is essential. During physical activities, avoiding friction and any touch that could irritate the surgery site and cause problems or slow the healing process is also essential.

Consider Labiaplasty Surgery Today

Labiaplasty surgery can be a successful and safe procedure with the proper precautions. Patients should always discuss their goals and expected outcomes with their surgeons.

Follow the aftercare dos and don’ts specified by your doctor, and reach out for help if needed. With tender loving care, you’ll become comfortable with your body and get your life back on track.

Contact your surgeon for more information about labiaplasty and its benefits!

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