The Detailed, Step-by-Step Guide to Listen to Podcasts While You’re Also Listening to Spotify Music

The Detailed, Step-by-Step Guide to Listen to Podcasts While You’re Also Listening to Spotify Music

If you find a podcast that you really enjoy but you want to play some music in the background, either to establish the atmosphere or to improve the listening experience, the best way to do this is by using a computer. You can play music in the background of a podcast in one of two ways: either to improve the listening experience or to establish the atmosphere. You may enhance the listening experience or create an environment with the help of music. Both of these things are possible while listening to Spotify music.

On a personal computer, it is not feasible to adjust the level of the audio in such a manner that it would enable you to hear all of the audio at the same time without stopping it first. There won’t be any issues at all if you want to play music from Spotify in the background while you watch videos on YouTube. If you want to do so, you may certainly do so.

If, on the other hand, you are using a mobile device, you will be required to make the appropriate modifications to the settings on either the app itself or the device itself, depending on which one you are using.

This is a guide for iPhone owners who want to learn how to listen to two different audio sources at the same time using their device.

It will no longer be possible to play two different audio sources on an iPhone at the same time after the year 2022, nor will it be possible to play one audio source on top of another on an iPhone. Both of these capabilities will be discontinued. It is possible for users who are prepared to jailbreak their phone to discover solutions such as this one, which will allow them to merge music tracks on their smartphone or deactivate the iPhone function. Users who are not prepared to jailbreak their phone will not be able to discover solutions such as this one. On the other hand, Apple does not provide any formal channel to its consumers by which they may accomplish this goal.

The steps that need to be taken on an Android device in order to fulfill the requirements for concurrently playing music and podcasts while using the device.

If you have an Android phone and you want to listen to music and podcasts at the same time, you will need to find a way to get beyond the limitations that the phone itself imposes in order to do so. Listening to Spotify music along with podcasts is a sure solution.

A favorable element of the issue is that you will not be required to go through the effort of jailbreaking your phone if you make use of a mobile device that operates on the Android operating system. If you make use of a piece of software referred to as Podcast Addict, you will have the ability to listen to material emanating from not just one but two different audio sources concurrently. Select Player from the drop-down menu that appears when you go to the Settings menu once the podcast has been successfully installed. When you get there, scroll all the way down until you reach the bottom of the screen, and then choose the option that reads “Ignore Audio Focus requests.” If you are playing two different audio sources at the same time, and both of them are being played by you, this will prevent the system from muting one of the sources in favor of the other if you are playing both of them. If you use this tactic, you will be able to listen to music via one app while simultaneously listening to a podcast using another app called Podcast Addict.

How to Have Music Playing While Listening to Audiobooks or Other Audio Content at the Same Time: A Step-by-Step Guide

It is thus only possible to listen to podcasts and music at the same time on a computer since there is no other way to achieve this goal other than by using some kind of manual workaround. Only Audible is able to provide this feature for its customers, making it the industry leader. This holds true for running any two distinct kinds of apps at the same time. Find an app that is comparable to Podcast Addict and has the capability to suppress the auditory emphasis of the app. This will ensure that the app’s own audio will not be suppressed when another audio source begins to play. Finding an app that is analogous to Podcast Addict is one method to go towards achieving this objective.

Conclusion: Listening to Spotify for both Music and Podcasts

Even if the idea of being able to listen to music and a podcast at the same time would be interesting to certain listeners, it is very unlikely that finding a solution to this problem will be an easy task. There is also a possibility that you are completely unaware of a great platform that allows you to listen to music and podcasts at the same time. It is an option for those who never considered listening to Spotify music. If you want to give listening to music and podcasts at the same time a try, one of the choices you have is to do it on your personal computer, which is one of the options open to you. Changing the settings on your device or installing new software that comes with certain controls might also be helpful in your effort, so make sure you don’t ignore any of those available possibilities.

You can easily find great solutions while listening to Spotify music as Spotify also allows you to listen to podcasts. So it is undoubtedly a platform that helps you to get more monthly listeners on Spotify and more Spotify streams.

In this article, we have tried our best to recommend Spotify as it is an online platform that gives you complete control over what you want to listen to.

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