The complete guide to YouTube ads for marketers

The complete guide to YouTube ads for marketers

Do you want to use youtube ads for marketing the products but unfortunately have no clue how it works. Don’t worry, you come to the right place. In this post, we will help you understand how to use the youtube ads property .Advertising plays a huge role in building the image of the brand in the eyes of users and leading to successful sales. Brands spend a ton of money advertising their products on different social media youtube algorithm platforms. As you might know,

YouTube is the world’s second most popular website. Almost every age group from the old people to little kids enjoy watching youtube videos. And this solely explains why promoting the business through youtube ads can help get more opportunities and expand the audience base. It is a great way to ensure that more of your target audience are able to discover your ads. Here you will find the complete guide about how to properly use youtube ads and advertise your brand successfully :

The ad will be live on youtube, so make sure the video file is uploaded on the youtube channel, you can unlist it if you don’t want it to appear on your channel.

  • Create a campaign – First, sign in your Google ads account and click on the option New Campaign. Depending on the brand marketing objectives, define the goal of your campaign or how you want to conduct the campaign ;
  1. Sales
  2. Leads
  3. Brand awareness
  4. Website traffic
  5. Product and brand consideration etc.

Choose the type of campaign you want to use. It includes all forms of Google ads from search results to text shopping .Select a video or discovery campaign to display the ads on youtube  Display ads can also be used but remember they aren’t videos they just include the text and the thumbnail. The campaign will most likely be managed by you, so you can also select the campaign subtype. Name the campaign in such a way that it is easy to locate and manage.

  • Specify the parameters of the campaign :
  1. Don’t forget to select a bid strategy in order to get conversions, clicks or impressions which will largely depend on the type of campaign.
  1. Enter your budget either by day or the total amount available for spending on the campaign. Specify the dates the ads will run on youtube.
  1. Select where the ad will be shown
  2. Discovery ads (search results from youtube)
  3. All of the youtube ( search results, channel, pages etc.
  4. YouTube display network ( website that are not youtube affiliates)
  1. Next thing is to select the location and language of your audience and choose the degree of sensitivity your brand safety guidelines should have. It means which type of content the ads will be running alongside such as profanity, violence and sexually aggressive content.
  • Target the audience :

  Identify the audience that can be interested in your ads. This includes demographics such as age, gender as well as household income and interests ( topics and keywords that take their attention).  Remarketing the brand to the previous users or those who have already watched the videos or visited your website can be a great way to market the brand and earn loyal customers.

  • Set the campaign live :

Finally, enter the link to the ad and click on the create campaign button to make the campaign running . YouTube has its own guidelines for ad creation .

Best YouTube advertising practices

At the end of the day, the success of the ads depends on how the ads connect with the audience. So, for effective youtube ads make sure that the people are hooked right from the beginning. Maybe creating an emotional connection might help get more people to your brand. Buying youtube subscribers can also help in the success of youtube ad campaign. There are multiple best sites available to buy youtube likes.


This is all the basics that will help you in starting the first youtube ad campaign. Youtube ads can help in increasing brand awareness and achieving your goals. Creating a campaign, defining the parameters and identifying and targeting the right audience complete the halfway to a success of the campaign. Try testing multiple ads types and optimizing the ad strategies to improve the performance. The youtube advertising practices and social media strategies can help you drive great results.  Implementing these steps for an effective and successful youtube ad campaign will help in better setting up, strategizing and managing the youtube ad campaign and achieving the goals. Before you leave, tell us: have you ever tried youtube ads for marketing, If you have, how was your experience with the youtube ads or are there some other things that one can do for a successful ad campaign? Let us know in the comments below.


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Emma Chris is the founder of Forbes Era. Emma helps businesses to make their online presence by helping them to connect with their potential customers.

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