Shopping For Weed Killers: What To Look For

Shopping For Weed Killers: What To Look For

Your lawn could be a place to relax with your family and friends, enjoy the weather, or simply a place for your kids to play. While having a green lawn seems like the ultimate adult flex, it comes with its challenges, the biggest being – weeds. 

A good weed killer will stop the growth of the pesky plants in your yard. With different weed killers available for gardens, lawns, and other potential areas for growing weeds, it can be hard to find a product that actually works.

Read on for what to look for when shopping for weed killers.

Find A Great Lawn Care Store

If you want your lawn to mimic a green golf course, finding a reputable lawn company like Golf Course Lawn Store with the right products is vital instead of going to some random home improvement store. A good lawn care store features specialists that will advise and provide DIY tips to care for your lawn. This advice includes:

  • Effective lawn care schedules
  • How to cultivate your lawn
  • The best products to use
  • How to thicken your grass
  • A good watering schedule for your lawn
  • Natural weed control

Safety Of The Product

Whether the Weed Delivery San Diego killer you bought has harmful chemicals or not, it is advisable to read the safety labels and use the chemical appropriately. You should also check the safety features, including the nozzles and backpacks.

Some weed killers are unsafe for pets and children, courtesy of the chemicals they contain. Therefore, find out from the Golf Course Lawn Store how long you should wait after application before accessing your lawn. Normally, it will take a shorter duration before you can access your lawn during the warmer than colder season.  

Ease Of Application

As you shop in a lawn store, such as Golf Course Lawn Store, for a weed killer, consider one that interacts with multiple agrochemicals for the best results. These include a sticker to increase absorption and translocation of the herbicide and marker dyes to indicate where you have sprayed the weed killer. A weed killer that allows mixing with soluble lawn fertilizer will save you time as you will do two jobs in one.

Effectiveness Of The Weed Killer Based On The Active Ingredient

Weed killers can kill one or more types of weeds upon contact. This calls for you to figure out your real enemy before visiting a lawn store to buy a weed killer. The weed you want to kill will dictate your herbicide choice based on the active ingredient. The most common ingredient is glyphosate, which is famous for its effectiveness. Despite its effectiveness, it is inadvisable to consider glyphosate for your grass and instead apply selective herbicide, as glyphosate will likely destroy it. 

Shop For The Best Weed Killer From Golf Course Lawn Store

A good lawn care company offers a budget-friendly and effective way to control unwanted weeds in your lawn. With good research and an understanding of the above tips, you’ll find a product that will keep your lawn healthy and green. 

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