The Value of a Domain Name –

The Value of a Domain Name –

Isn’t it true that sex sells? That is especially true when it comes to domain names, such as, which was recently reported to have sold for $13 million.

Adult content has always been at the forefront of technical advancements in terms of revenue. People eager to pay for sexually related material started still photography long ago, video recordings subsequently, and web images/action more recently.

Domain names are plainly significant since they direct Internet traffic to specific Web sites from search engines. Trademark domain names are useful to trademark owners who want to capitalize on their brand and the goodwill associated with their trademarks. The Anti-Cyber Squatting Consumer Protection Act allows trademark owner to seek remedies from people who use their trademarks in specified domain names without their permission.

Furthermore, domain names including general terms such as “bank” or “loan” can be extremely valuable if those terms are commonly used in search engines and drive traffic to domain names containing those terms.

As a result, it’s not surprise that the generic and valuable domain name has had a tumultuous history that includes a slew of legal and financial battles. According to The Register,’s most recent owner, Escom LLC, has sold the domain name to Clover Holdings Ltd. for the aforementioned handsome sum of $13 million.

What happens to and the content that will be placed on the site remains to be seen (if you want to see). The term “sex” is said to be the most searched term on the Internet, therefore the domain name will definitely produce a lot of traffic in the future. domain name on sale domain name on sale

On Thursday, the world’s “most valuable” Internet domain name,, went up for auction after selling for $12 million in 2006.

“An Internet address of this caliber goes for sale extremely seldom,” Sedo, located in Cologne, stated. “The sale of provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the new owner to become the industry leader.”

After creditors filed for insolvency protection, Sedo, one of the world’s largest domain name trading platforms, is selling on behalf of US firm Escom.

Other domain names have sold for large sums in the past, including for $3 million, for 892,500 euros ($1.1 million), and for one million dollars, according to Sedo.

“Owners of such domains have a distinct competitive edge.” Visitors are directed to the owners’ websites by just typing in what they are looking for. It further stated that “the listing in search engines has been improved.”

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