GogoPDF: The Best Platform to Secure and Organize Your PDF Files

GogoPDF: The Best Platform to Secure and Organize Your PDF Files

Because of the groundbreaking technology we are experiencing today, our way of handling paperwork shifted to a digital platform. Since virtual files are effortless to store, reproduce, create, share and print, everyone opts to go digital. Furthermore, its features are also advantageous for everyone, especially teachers, office workers, and students,

But on the other hand, storing and sharing files without solid security features are prone to unauthorized access by online criminals. That said, having to secure these files is a top priority. Therefore, after ensuring the safety of your file, the following vital thing you should do is organize your files. Luckily, all these features are offered by one platform, GogoPDF.

Protect Documents Through Password Encryption

Protecting the security and privacy of your document with passcode encryption is Necessary. It is an excellent way to ensure that they are safe from unwanted and unauthorized access. GogoPDF can do this job for you. It offers a Protect PDF Tool that allows you to set up a password so nobody can open your file without your permission.

The encryption protocol they are providing to their users is not just ordinary security. It is the kind of security that is very complex and hard to break. This security system is 256-Bit encryption. It is one of the best security systems in the world. That is because once it is set, it is close to impossible to breach.

To enable this feature in your file, just go to the GogoPDF website and tap on the “Protect PDF” option. When you reach the page for this tool, just follow the steps provided on the webpage. The whole process of encryption does not last for very long. It only takes a minute or even less for the code you created to secure your file.

Clean PDF Document by Removing Unnecessary Pages

A PDF document that is cluttered with tons of useless pages can be challenging to organize. Furthermore, it can consume a huge amount of space in your computer or smartphone if you are just going to leave it that way and not do anything about it. But, if you wish to declutter these files, GogoPDF is the perfect venue for that.

It offers a convenient way to remove pages in your PDF document. But first, make a duplicate copy of your file to make sure that you have a backup when you accidentally remove some essential pages in the file. I’m not asking you to have a backup because this tool can fail but because humans commit mistakes sometimes, and it is good to have a backup plan.

Get the Credit You Deserve By Putting Watermark

Security does not only involve putting passwords. It is also ensuring that you are getting all the credit for your work and not some random guy who copies your work on the internet. To ensure that the credits will go to you, you can use the Add Watermark Tool from GogoPDF.

This tool will allow you to put a watermark in any part of your PDF file. Using this tool, you have the option to have a watermark in the form of an image or a text. There are also various fun ways to personalize your watermark. If you choose text as your watermark, you can change its font size, color, and font. You can personalize the text however you like!

To start with the process, just go to the GogoPDF homepage and click on the “Add Watermark option.” By clicking the button, you will now be redirected to the tool page. After that, you should upload your file. The next step is to make the necessary changes. And finally, wait for the process to finish and download your document. Hassle-free and easy, right?

Avoid Confusions by Adding Page Numbers to your File

Many people can’t function well in an unorganized environment. This can also be the same when dealing with documents. They have to make sure that the files are readable, neat, and in order for some people to be productive and to have focus. Luckily GogoPDF has a tool that can do precisely what these people need—an organized file.

Using GogoPDFs Number Pages Tool, you can put numberings on every page of your file to make it more organized and to prevent concussions from happening. You can also change its size, font style, and color.


Because of technology, we can now manage files faster and more efficiently. GogoPDF is proof of how technology made file management easier for us. It has everything we need to make sure that our file is well organized and secured all the time.

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