Reasons Why Sports Watches Can Make You a Better Swimmer

Reasons Why Sports Watches Can Make You a Better Swimmer

For decades, digital sport watches and analog sports watches have been available to the public, however, these kinds of watches have evolved in recent years. Computer-based smart sport watches are now all the rage. These smart watches have better features and functionality than the sports watches that came before them. The modern sports watch works as an app that is able to log your activities and provide personal health related information to better your athletic performance.

In fact, sports watches have become one of the most important innovations in the sports industry. But like all new-age technology, there are many questions that surround the sports watch. One of the most frequently asked questions is related to swimming and the sports watch, with many people asking if these smart watches have the ability to actually make you a better swimmer.

People are asking this question because they have noticed that many competition pool swimmers don’t wear watches, while most triathletes do wear these tech innovations. The reason for this is that many competitive pool swimmers have a pool clock or coach on hand while triathletes usually take to the water alone – with no clock and in open water. There are also cultural reasons for this as triathletes usually share their training information on social networks while pool competitors rarely give out their information.

But back to the question at hand – can a sports watch make you a better swimmer? In this article, we investigate if sports watches can make you a better swimmer – let’s dive right in. 

The Benefits of Using a Sports Watch for Swimming

1. GPS Tracking

Many sports watches have a GPS function that is designed to accurately measure the distance you have covered. This is important when it comes to swimming as it sometimes becomes difficult to track distance – especially when it comes to open waters. If this is something you are interested in, it is important to make sure the watch you choose comes with this feature, as some watches do not offer it.

2. Measuring Improvement

Sports watches can be used to measure performance improvement. A good sports watch will be able to measure a variety of sporting variables including pace, heart rate and distance and place this data and information into an app that is connected to your smartphone. This feature allows swimmers to accurately measure and compare the performance of different swimming sessions, viewing improvements and setbacks in real-time. This kind of data allows swimmers to identify what they need to improve upon – helping to make them a better swimmer.

3. Gamification for Motivation

Many top-class sports watches offer a gamification element. This interactive feature helps swimmers better stick to their swimming training plans, making routines fun and challenging at the same time. Some sports watches also have social sharing features, giving swimmers motivation to do better – and take accountability for their training.

4. Reminders

Sports watches can also be used to set reminders and alarms. Some models may even automatically set reminders for swimmers. This means swimmers will never forget about upcoming training sessions or even when to hydrate after a session. Essentially, a smart watch can keep swimmers in check!

5. General Lifestyle Tracking

It’s important for swimmers to pay attention to their lifestyles and what is going on outside of the pool or open waters. Sports watches allow swimmers to track their general activity including sleep and nutrition – ensuring they are on track in all elements of their life – bettering their swimming performance in the long run.

In Summary

So, is a sports watch good for swimmers? The answer is a resounding yes.

And can sports watches make you a better swimmer? If used correctly, then absolutely.

It is vital that swimmers find a sports watch that suits their requirements and provides them with the information they need to better their performance. It comes down to doing the research – and then strategically using the data and information the watch provides to optimize their performance.

The modern sports watch is a valuable tool for all athletes, including swimmers. These technological innovations allow swimmers to fully record their journey and provide information that a generation ago would have been impossible to record without massive machines.

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