PBS Brokers Is a Nearby Business Broker

PBS Brokers Is a Nearby Business Broker

Finding a business broker near me might be difficult, but with the help of PBS Brokers, the process can become quite simple. Given the many benefits that business brokers provide, there is no shortage of reasons for you to rely on them. We serve many various regions as a corporation that has sold hundreds of businesses in the state of California.

We can assist you whether you’re in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Inland Empire, Orange County, or San Diego. Without a doubt, our outcomes speak for themselves. Please feel free to review our previous deals or the companies that are up for sale in more detail.

About Yourself

Ensuring the best possible future for all of our partners, both present and future, is something we take great pride in. We are middle market business brokers that focus on selling small and medium-sized companies. Our group of experts can offer the support that’s required in several distinct sectors, such as:

  • Online shopping
  • Establishment
  • Medical Care
  • Logistics and/or bulk
  • Production
  • Innovation
  • Aircraft
  • Coverage
  • CPA Bookkeeping

Increasing the Worth of Your Enterprise

We undertake all necessary measures to ensure that a business is sold for its full value, giving our clients the necessary assurances prior to initiating the process.

We have handled so many sales of this kind that we are naturally familiar with the procedure. By obtaining the highest value, the seller/owner is able to receive the most cash at closing in addition to the SBA financing they are entitled to. Let’s examine how we manage to accomplish this in more detail.

A Comprehensive Assessment of the Market

Many clients won’t have a strong understanding of the market going into the process. That’s where our experience will be really helpful. We provide you with a Free Market Value Analysis before listing your company. This provides you with a more thorough understanding of your company’s market value and what you should realistically expect to get in exchange for it.

Obtaining Supply Eligibility for Purchasers

We submit our NDA and Buyer Profile to any potential buyer as soon as we receive an inquiry, which is a crucial step. We then go on and qualify them from there.

Preparing the Offer and Negotiation

Together with our clients, we prepare the offer and go over it with the buyer. In addition, we handle acting as a helpful intermediary between the buyer and seller during the negotiation process. Our goal is straightforward: eliminating any and all misunderstandings that can arise during the sale of a company.

Exercise Due Care

The revenue and earnings reported by the company are confirmed. To ensure that both the buyer and the seller may continue to have access to all relevant data, an overall assessment is done in addition to this verification.

SBA Loan Program

In order to help the buyer secure the SBA financing required to finish the deal, we collaborate with them. The seller is guided through the process of submitting the relevant financial paperwork, and the buyer receives the assistance they require in completing their SBA application.

The Escrow and Closing

Escrow prepares the closing documentation for the buyer and seller after the due diligence procedure is finished.

Instruction and Transition

This duration, which will be specified in the Purchase Agreement, will take about four to six weeks. It is important to note that the buyer will not incur any additional costs as a result of its inclusion.

The Benefits of Working with a Business Broker

We are here to help our clients sort through everything, even if this process can be unpredictable and complicated. There are several justifications for collaborating with a business broker. Please click here to find out more about what we have to offer.

Important Experience

It is undoubtedly beneficial to conduct as much research as you can before beginning the process of selling your company. But there’s no way around taking the effort to align yourself with our team of knowledgeable experts. In addition to getting to know their clients well, our team has a thorough awareness of both present and potential market trends.

Experience in Marketing

Without the required marketing knowledge, even the best business brokers will not be able to help a client effectively. While business marketing is very different from other forms of marketing, there are some universal marketing principles. This puts the listing in front of every buyer in the marketplace, which speeds up the closing process.

Depending on the type of sale at hand, modern tools are used. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and our goal is to craft an experience that is uniquely customized for each customer. In the absence of appropriate exposure, closing a deal is more difficult. We shall therefore see to it that the appropriate parties are informed of your upcoming transaction.

Protection of Privacy

A seller may, in many cases, not want their choice to be made public. They might also choose to conceal the transaction from their staff members until it’s finished. Furthermore, an owner can be interested in a possible sale and wish to avoid making any snap judgments. We will provide the required privacy protection to ensure the process’s confidentiality from start to finish.

Expertized Bargaining Experience

One of the most important components of closing a business sale is having negotiation experience. We have participated in a variety of negotiations as seasoned business brokers. Over the years, we have witnessed it all. Although purchasing and selling larger assets is a complicated process by nature, our goal is to eliminate all uncertainty. Throughout the process, our business brokers act as your advocates, and we always have your best interests in mind.

Legal Knowledge

When a business is changing hands, even the most knowledgeable buyers and sellers may not always be completely aware of the legal procedure involved. We can be a great resource since we are well-versed in the legalities involved in the purchase and sale of businesses and can explain everything in simple words.

Clients can steer clear of any unintended issues with the use of proper documentation. We are aware of how frustrating it can be when agreements collapse due to uncontrollable circumstances. We’re also aware of how irksome it may be when they linger. Both of these all too typical realities are what we wish to avoid.

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