Miamisburg, OH Homeowners: Should You Have AC Repair or Replacement?

Miamisburg, OH Homeowners: Should You Have AC Repair or Replacement?

Homeowners in Miamisburg and throughout the country are gradually moving into the fall season. The temperatures are getting cooler in the evenings, and people are starting to turn the air conditioning systems off. But before doing that, you might be considering the efficiency or lack thereof it had over the summer.

If you were constantly worrying whether the unit would fail, had more frequent than typical repairs, and the system is reaching an advanced age, you may wonder whether continuing with repairs the following spring and summer is wise or if you should go ahead and replace the system.

An inspection by a Miamisburg, OH A.C. repair technician will help determine if the equipment should be replaced or is worth keeping for at least another season. The objective for a homeowner is to have a functional system that does not continue to incur costs.

Let us explore a few red flags that a repair contractor might consider when inspecting the unit as to whether to repair or replace the air conditioning.

Red Flags When Considering an Air Conditioning Repair or Replacement

While the fall is settling in over Ohio, homeowners are considering next summer as the air conditioning systems are turned off for this season. Some wonder if the unit can be relied on for another season or if a replacement might be necessary.

The fall season is the ideal time to replace the equipment before another hot, humid summer comes along. But should you replace the air conditioning or continue to make repairs?

A repair contractor can help with that decision by doing an inspection, plus you pay attention to several red flags. The following factors can impact whether you will continue to make repairs or decide to invest in a replacement air conditioning system.

·      The equipment’s age.

All primary systems in the home, the appliances, and any electronics or equipment become less efficient as they age. That is particularly true of the air conditioning.

The HVAC, however, is critical to the household’s comfort, air quality, and wellness. The less reliable it is, the more repairs it needs and the greater the cost.

The lifespan of an air conditioner is roughly between 10 to 15 or more years. The better the unit is cared for, the longer it will last. Once it begins to have repeated problems with frequent repairs and becomes less efficient and reliable, you will know it is time to consider a new system.

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·       Repair costs

Some air conditioners have 10-year warranties. Once those expire, repair costs will often include extra charges for replacing parts. Experts suggest that homeowners consider replacing air conditioning units when the price point for repairs becomes more than “1/3 of the expense of new HVAC equipment.”

This solution is budget-friendly compared to making repeated repairs but is recommended when you have a high-cost fix like a compressor fail, leaking refrigerant, or faulty condenser.

·       Preventive servicing

Preventive tune-ups are suggested at least once each year to keep the AC functioning at peak performance and extend the equipment’s life. With this service, worn or broken parts are replaced, the system is cleaned with filter replacement, and everything is thoroughly inspected with defects corrected.

Neglecting the service will lead to significant wear and tear on the parts, leading to constant malfunction, potential breakdowns, and the possibility of a shortened lifespan.

As a rule, if a house becomes your “forever home,” experts suggest the HVAC should only be replaced possibly once, maybe twice when well cared for and with proper servicing. Go here for AC maintenance tips.

Preventive servicing

·       Freon

Air conditioning that still uses freon or “R-22 refrigerant” will need to be replaced since the US has phased out the use of freon. That means the costs to maintain these systems are greater since the product is limited. The prices will continue to rise as the supply diminishes.

If you have preventive maintenance tune-ups, your repair contractor will likely recommend a replacement sooner rather than later to a unit that uses the most current refrigerant, allowing for a reasonable cost since these products are readily available.

Final Thought

If your Miamisburg, OH, HVAC system was not reliable over the summer but instead needed frequent repairs, you might be concerned if the AC system will last for another season.

Some warning signs mentioned here could help you decide if it is time for an air conditioning replacement or whether you should continue repairing the equipment. An inspection with an HVAC repair contractor will confirm which is the best decision.

A less efficient system will continue to cost more, not just in repairs but in utility costs. If your equipment is still viable, it is vital to maintain it, including proper servicing for optimum functionality and longevity.

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