Learn How Good Accounting Software Can Help Your Organization While Working From Home

Learn How Good Accounting Software Can Help Your Organization While Working From Home

Due to the uncertain life of COVID-19 and its variants, pandemic is still hovering over our heads. Almost every organization around the world has switched to work from home format for most of its employees for 2 years now.

But no matter how relaxing it sounds, it has its own challenges for the businesses to function smoothly and effectively. Specially tasks like accounting, which require utmost privacy and accountability by the employees may not be able to provide so in a work from home set-up.

Well worry not! Now you can easily equip your accounting work in a work from home set-up easily with a good UK accounting software – https://dext.com/uk. It will not only improve your work from home accounting output but also keep your accounting software compliant with the  UK GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practice in the UK).

So, without any delay let’s learn how a good UK accounting software can gear-up your organization’s work while working from home.

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1. Automated Income And Expenses Tracking

Working from home, you might have many distractions including, family chores, surrounding disturbances, etc. which may lead you to miss some data or numbers.

For this, the UK accounting software will import all the financial information automatically from your respective credit cards, bank accounts, PayPal, and more, which keeps you updated with the information at any moment. It also quickly checks the expenses percentage of your income.

2. Easy Bank Connectivity

With UK accounting software you can easily connect your credit card or bank account of your business with a real-time feed feature. It keeps you updated with regular feed notifications of your transactions without uploading anything manually.

A new feature of smart reconciliations helps you identify the potential matches between the invoices and your bank transactions that you enter in the bookkeeping software.

These features save a big chunk of your work time which can be utilized in a productive manner.

3. Virtual Technical Support

Once you start working from home, you can’t afford complaining about feasibility issues in technical support service. That’s why UK bookkeeping accounting software assures 24/7 quality technical support to your business.

You should have an expert on a click, either via call or an email, which is mostly free or sometimes paid if an expert is hired. Specially, you can opt for video call or home visit by the expert during work from home, but it may cost you more.  It saves a lot of time and builds the quality of your operations and employee satisfaction.

4. Mobile Connectivity To Accounts

You will not find this latest feature in most of the bookkeeping softwares, but the UK bookkeeping software takes care of this need too.

Sometimes, you need to attend to your surroundings in a work from home set-up or you might take a nap to energize yourself for the work. For such situations, this feature comes in handy as your phone is the easiest way to handle business transactions instead of even a tablet. With this, you can:

  • Capture receipts of your expenses
  • Scan QR codes
  • Integrated Invoice QR codes generation
  • ….and many web-based features too

So, even if you’re traveling or have a holiday trip planned, your books are kept in your phone with you.

5. Automatic Project Tracking

You cannot afford to move your eyes off your project operations for more than a few minutes. Even if you do so, the inertia brings your attention back to it. Because your absence cannot be replaced by anyone in a work from home set-up.

Worry not! The UK accounting software keeps an eye on your project when yours are away.

It helps you:

  • Track tasks and budgets
  • Automatic invoice billing to clients
  • Monitor billable hours
  • Inform decisions to the employees by a click

And many other smart project tracking features which enables you to handle accounting single handedly.

6. Easy Inventory Stocks Alerts

It is difficult to maintain a daily track of inventory stocks in the godowns for retail, distribution or e-commerce businesses, especially during work from home. But UK accounting software handles inventory management smartly without physical monitoring of the warehouses.

This feature helps you:

  • Track inventory constantly
  • Monitor stock levels with alerts system
  • Easy stock counting
  • Handle damaged or lost goods

With this, you can easily instruct the warehouse’s labor for logistics and other operations, while sitting at home.

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7. Timely Invoice Generation And Automatic Payment Prompts

Sending invoices to the clients through emails is an obsolete way of working. You cannot waste your time on such works when the UK accounting software can easily do that even in a work from home situation. You don’t need to meet your clients or the team for any step of the invoice and payment process. This feature helps  you create invoices in customized templates with your brand’s logo and colors. It saves these templates and allows you to send them to your customers quickly and easily from any of your devices.

The UK accounting software helps you get timely payment. You don’t need to track down any customer who missed the payment date specified in the invoice. You can send automated payment reminders for your clients as well as your own team by using an accounting software.

With this, work from home is easy for the accounting people to manage those operations which require physical meetings with the clients or the company employees.


Due to pandemic, lockdown is unavoidable to contain the spread of COVID-19. And therefore, businesses have no choice but to resort to work from home set-up for all of its employees. But UK accounting software makes the tasks easy for accounting people working from home, like virtual bank connectivity, bookkeeping on a mobile app, easy client interactions with smart data monitoring, etc.

So, to answer the question, you should definitely consider purchasing a good UK accounting software to upgrade your accounting work even during work from home.

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