Is Diabetes Reversible?

Is Diabetes Reversible?

Diabetes is a complex disease, and it can be challenging to manage for many people. But what if there was a way to reverse the condition? Could you restore your normal blood sugar levels and stop managing the disease?

The good news is that, for some people, diabetes can be reversed. Through a combination of lifestyle changes and medical treatments, it is possible to improve blood sugar levels and reduce the symptoms associated with diabetes.

Every person with diabetes wants to know the answer to this question, which is considered worth a million dollars. Simply saying yes or no to this question would be quite tricky. Even though there is no treatment for diabetes, studies suggest that some people may be able to reverse it. You might be capable of achieving and maintaining normal blood sugar levels chart for adults naturally with diet modifications and weight loss.

We resist using the term “diabetes reversal” because it could sound permanent, yet there is no confidence that your diabetes will remain under control permanently.

However, you might be capable of putting your type 2 diabetes into remission. When your blood sugar levels fall below the diabetes range, you no longer need to take diabetes medication. This could change your life’s direction.

How is diabetes reversible?

The clearest data we currently have suggests that losing weight is primarily responsible for bringing type 2 diabetes into treatment. If you start losing weight as soon as your diabetes is identified, your chances of going into reversal increase. After being diagnosed with the disease 25 years ago, some people have successfully put it into remission.

Suppose you lose a significant quantity of weight – 15 kg (or 2 stone 5 pounds) – as soon and safely as possible after diagnosis. In that case, your diabetes is more likely to go into recovery if you are overweight.

The fact that not everyone who loses this much weight will be capable of putting their diabetes into relapse is essential to understand. Even if it doesn’t result in remission, reducing 15 kg has numerous health advantages. According to research, getting assistance to drop even 5% of your body weight can significantly impact your health. Losing excessive fat may result in the following:

  • Fewer prescription medications
  • Increased levels of blood sugar
  • A reduced chance of problems

Why is it essential to losing weight?

According to our experts, type 2 diabetes is thought to progress differently in people who retain too much fat in their liver and pancreas, and decreasing this fat can help your diabetes go into recovery.

How do I reduce my weight?

Through dietary modification, lifestyle adjustments, or weight reduction surgery, some patients have lost a significant amount of weight and placed their diabetes into relapse (called bariatric surgery).

There is no such thing as a restrictive diet for those who have diabetes or want to reverse their diabetes. There are various strategies to reduce weight, but there isn’t a specific diet that works for everyone. However, we know that some people who have lost weight by embracing a low-carb or Mediterranean diet have been able to put their diabetes into reverse. To help you find the ideal method, we provide a great deal of information, meal plans, and recipes.

Begin with a balanced diet

Your potential to control blood sugar or diabetes reversal in India may be most impacted by one relevant modification to your diet. Limit the number of simple carbohydrates and sugars. Instead, consume a lot of vegetables, fruit, whole grains (brown rice, oats, millet, barley), leaner meats (poultry, seafood, low-fat dairy, soybeans, and beans), as well as healthy fats (nuts, avocados, vegetable oils). Covering half of your dish with fruit or vegetables is a simple and quick way to make meals healthy. After that, put lean meat on one part of your plate and whole grains on the other.

Some items, like sugary beverages and sweets, are easy to avoid, but others might surprise you. You should restrict or keep away from the following foods since they are high in carbohydrates:

  • White rice
  • Everything is prepared from white flour, including white bread.
  • Yoghurt with flavours
  • Cereals with sweetness
  • Fruit juice

Increase your activity as well

You can reduce your weight and fight against the impacts of type 2 diabetes or prediabetes by increasing your physical activity levels. Based on the most recent recommendations, you should participate in 75 minutes of intense exercise or 150 minutes of daily exercise per week. If you don’t exercise much now, gradually build up your activity level as you get more comfortable.

Bariatric surgery

It has been shown that 50-70% of patients who have undergone bariatric surgery, which involves shrinking the amount of the stomach and intestines, have maintained their diabetes-free status for 5–10 years.

Despite being in relapse, this does not indicate that diabetes has been completely cured. However, these patients will get diabetes if they lose weight and return to their old food habits.

In addition to having disadvantages and complications, bariatric surgery is a major process.


You can develop the right healthcare strategy with the guidance of your doctor. For example, if you maintain a healthy weight, there is a chance that your diabetes may be reversible for a few years, and if it is not, you will have a reduced need for medication.

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