Importance of Migration Agents

Importance of Migration Agents

An application for a visa to remain in Australia may be time-consuming and frustrating. Immigrants must pay close attention to every phase of the application process to be successful in obtaining the right to stay. While students and others may complete and submit their applications independently, working with a migration consultant has several distinct advantages. 

To begin with, make sure the person you choose is fully licensed. Hence, your primary step should be to check the registration status of the agent of your choice with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). These are the credentials and services that a MARA-registered agent may provide:

  • They are expected to have completed a 12-month course on Australian immigration procedures and rules.
  • Advice on visa requirements may be provided.
  • They know what solutions are available to fulfil your requirements.
  • They help you by working with the Department of Home Affairs on your behalf.
  • For a comprehensive application, they provide you with the necessary information.
  • You can count on them to help you complete the application in the best possible way.
  • They keep an eye out for mistakes and fix them before submitting your application.
  • They participate actively in the submission of your application.
  • They might aid the administrative appeals procedure if your application has been turned down.

Even if you’re working with a registered MARA agent, there are several things that they can’t guarantee you. Among them are:

  • Increasing the speed of your procedure.
  • Providing you with a guarantee of specific outcomes.
  • Influencing the outcome of a court case.

Applicants sometimes see the cost of a registered migration agency as prohibitive. However, using an agent may save money in the long run. Starting with your eligibility for the visa type you are looking for, agents will be better placed to analyse your application. To get the visa you want, you must meet all the requirements. There are many different sorts of visas to choose from, and a qualified MARA agent can support you figure out which one is best for your situation.

The conditions for submitting an immigration application are subject to frequent and sometimes radical changes in the law. Agents that are certified have access to information and understanding of the numerous changes in the law that might impact the result of a case. You may avoid expensive mistakes and denials of your application if you have a registered agent who is aware of recent changes in the legislation. An appeals process might be costly if your application is rejected. Due to this, your application cost may be forfeited, and you’ll have to pay for the application process all over again.

In addition, dealing with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (DHS) might be a hassle. Automated systems and computerised applications make it difficult to get a human to answer a basic query over the phone. When trying to decipher a chaotic part of an application or obtain a better understanding of the process requirements, a lot of time and energy might be wasted. A MARA-registered immigration agent may probably have more quick choices for resolving minor issues or recommending further options for an applicant.


Lowering the psychological and emotional strain that comes with the visa application procedure is just as significant. Utilising the services of a MARA-certified migration consultant gives you the benefit of having someone on your side who is knowledgeable about the working of the law and the Department of Homeland Security’s systems. A certified migration agent can help you avoid several mistakes and hurdles as you progress through the process of living in Australia.

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