How to Increase Website Traffic by More than 25k Monthly Visits

What is Web Traffic?

Web traffic is a number of users that visit your website within any given time period: usually a day or a month. 

Measured in visits (or sessions), it is the most common and the main metric of the website’s popularity. But it is not the only one and does not provide full information. The duration of a session, the percentage of visitors who bought something or used specific services are also important ones that provide more detailed information. 

Nevertheless, web traffic is a great starting point and one of the clearest ways to measure the website’s popularity. It is a pillar of web analytics.

What is Web Traffic

How to increase website traffic

There are many ways to improve this metric

  • Advertisements. You can buy them and wait for the results to come. 
  • Writing guest posts linking to your website: this often increases user activity. 
  • Performing keyword research and adapting the website to meet SEO criteria. It is one of the most efficient and organic ways to improve the flow of the users. 
  • Buying traffic. There are services that offer a boost of this metric. A traffic bot or a paid or free traffic generator can be useful solutions. 

When Buying Website Traffic Would be Worth It

Buying website traffic is a simple and organic way to improve the metric for cheap or even for free. This will rank the website higher on search engines without little to no effort, since the process is automated. 

If there is an urgent need for a website to be ranked higher and have more visits, traffic bots would be a faster solution compared to buying advertisements. Also, it would be cheaper. In some cases, it is even possible to use free traffic generator websites. 

Things to Pay Attention to

There are many factors to consider when buying a website traffic generator

  • Price. It may vary but there are many options on the market: ranging from free to really expensive. Those who want to buy website traffic for cheap can be pleasantly surprised. 
  • Delivery time. Traffic bots excel at being a quick solution “1 day”. So it is really important to know when the results will be seen. 
  • Convenience. Being easy to use and having a pleasant UI can go a long way. You can work faster and clearly understand what you are doing when everything is perfectly intuitive. It also shows that the traffic generator developers pay attention to their product and take it seriously.
  • Refund. If something does not work or the results are not as good as promised, the refund option can be useful. You get your money back, while the service provider saves its reputation. 
  • Free trial version. Many services offer a free trial option. It can be great if you are not ready to buy website visitors for the full price. 
  • Country. You should know where your target audience lives. And you want to rank higher among your country’s search engines. For example, getting traffic for India is not as useful if you do not live over there.

What SEO Indicators Can Grow After Buying Traffic to the Website?

Once your website gets more traffic, ranks higher and attracts the users of your target audience, various indicators will be increased: 

    • CTR (click-through rate). It shows what percent of users clicked on your ad on another website. 
  • Conversion rate. Being probably the most important metric on the list, it shows the percentage of visitors that perform any action on your page. It is one of the best ways to see how successful your website is. 
  • Time-on-page. The amount of time the users spend on a certain page. It is a simple metric:it just means the time difference between first visiting a page and moving to the next one.

There is also a bounce rate and it will go down. But that is good since bounce rates show what percentage of visitors leave your page immediately.

Emma Chris

Emma Chris is the founder of Forbes Era. Emma helps businesses to make their online presence by helping them to connect with their potential customers.

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