How to Get Your Melbourne Property Sold Quickly

How to Get Your Melbourne Property Sold Quickly

Did you know Melbourne ranks high on national as well as international lists of the best cities to live in? This does increase your chances of making a quick sale if you plan on selling your home. But, you’re never guaranteed of anything in the property market, so how do you make sure you sell your Melbourne property quickly?

Make Small Repairs in Advance

One way your sale is bound to be delayed is when there are obvious problems that make buyers doubt the value of the property. Doing general maintenance to ensure plumbing and electricity systems are all up to standard is therefore vital. Also consider small renovations or upgrades, such as installing roller blinds Melbourne locals often use to block out the harsh sun and manage privacy.

Let’s be honest. If it bothers you that the neighbours can look into one of your windows, it will bother buyers too. This and other concerns you’re aware of should be tended to before putting up the house for sale.

Manage Kerb Appeal

Along with small fixes, take a good look at the garden and front of the house and improve as much as you can, without spending too much money. This first impression will affect in what light buyers view the rest of the property, so painting the front door, doing some landscaping and removing clutter from the yard will be money and time well spent to increase the chances of a quick sale.

Create More Space

An excellent selling point is surprising buyers with the amount of space available. Make rooms seem more spacious by removing clutter and hanging mirrors in such a way that they reflect light for a more airy feel. Even consider removing excess furniture from the house while it’s on show, so rooms seem bigger.

Sell at the Right Time

Start off the sale with all odds in your favour by selling when the property market is best in the Melbourne area. Experts will tell you that October and November are good months to list a property, so if you can wait until that time of the year, it’s worth a bit of a wait.

Find the Right Professionals to Help

You can further increase your chances by partnering with professionals:

  • Photographer: You need high quality photos for listings, so images showcase the rooms and exterior in the best way possible. A good photographer can make a space more alluring with the right angles and lighting.
  • Decorator: Let a professional stage your home and add elements that buyers will find favourable, from décor to usage of space.
  • Agent: Research and compare estate agents in your area and pick one with a track record of quick sales.

Align the Price with the Current Market

When you sit down with an agent, they’ll discuss your asking price and you must be prepared to follow their guidance. They may suggest dropping your price slightly in order to be more competitive. It’s vital your price is relevant to the current property market and proves to buyers that they’re getting value for money.

Organise a Marketing Strategy

Get the word out by using printed media but also digital resources. Social media has become an excellent platform to advertise available properties and you can target a certain demographic if you know your home appeals to them. Discuss a strategy with your agent but also ask your friends and family to help spread the information and images of the property.

Clean Properly

Now, before the first buyers arrive, you need to deep clean your home. A keen eye can quickly discern issues related to hygiene, so make sure to clean top to bottom.

Don’t forget to clean inside cupboards and also give attention to features such as the honeycomb blinds Melbourne homes often have. If a buyer adjust blinds or opens doors to check the view, you don’t want dust and debris to sift down, making the buyer think the entire house is dirty. This can delay a sale, since buyers who have doubts may request more visits to inspect thoroughly before making a final decision.

Also give attention to odours, especially if you smoke or have pets. Ask a friend to visit the house and tell you which smells they pick up. You may need to have carpets professionally cleaned and in some cases a new layer of paint does well to make a home smell better. When buyers come over you can light fragrant candles or make a pot of aromatic coffee to ensure the home smells great.

Make it Cosy but Impersonal

In the run up to opening your home to potential buyers, spend time creating interiors that help sell the home. You want each room to feel welcoming, not clinical. However, you must give buyers a chance to imagine their own belongings in the house. Therefore, while you clean you can leave out features like comfy scatter cushions, but place family photographs in the cupboards.

Final Thoughts

Need a quick sale? You need to streamline the journey for the buyer so they arrive at their conclusion fast.

Consider any obstacles that may prevent a buyer from saying ‘yes’ on the first visit and make adjustments to make your home more appealing. Use these tips to turn your property into a quick sell.

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Emma Chris is the founder of Forbes Era. Emma helps businesses to make their online presence by helping them to connect with their potential customers.

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