How to Get Good Lighting in Your Home

How to Get Good Lighting in Your Home

Are you aware that more lighting and the right colour combination make a room look more spacious? That is a hack you should know about having proper lighting in your home. Brighter and coloured lights make your space a better place to live and keep your eyes to better health. Besides, the electricity bill is ofcourse an issue.

Are you wandering here and there to save electricity bills and get more efficient lighting at home?

Your solution to the problem is a variety of lighting technologies and different lighting types.

With that, you also need to have proper lighting knowledge, or you should hire an expert for efficient and enough lighting in any sort of space we are talking about.

Ways For Managing Perfect Lightening In Home

  1. Use LED lighting.

LED lighting is proven to be less heat-producing and more luminescent compared to that of CFLs and other kinds of lights. Besides, white LED lights give a brighter look to your space.

Instead of a concentric source of light, the style of lighting fixtures should be more dynamic and should be throughout the corner. For example, a room of a larger space should have multiple rows of light with separate switches for each row. This will make users use those lights for the section of the area you are going to use.

  1. Shift focus more to Natural lighting.

Sunlight isn’t all about lighting a space; it is about everything. Mild sunlight in the morning can be good for health and, of course, is the best light source without any bills. The concept of green buildings says to use lighter and landscapes to reduce the use of artificial mediums of lights and shifting focus to natural lights.  Now the sources of lighting have been advanced to various types. Let’s discuss them one after the other

  1. Chandeliers

For the most aesthetic look to your place, chandeliers are the best medium for lighting and are among furniture that gives a royal look to the space.

There are color changing Chandeliers which makes it more versatile to use shade of light as per your usage.

Mostly used in living rooms, you can determine your need as chandeliers are available in various sizes making the room glow at every corner.

  1. Spot lightings

Do you have paintings that need to be a source of attention in your space? Spot lighting is best. Spot lighting are used over paintings or frames to showcase the beauty and is meant for concentrating on the object instead of common lighting for the entire space.

  1. Table lamps

Table lamps are best when you want low lights and need to cover a specific area of your space/room and need to be more luminescent. Table lamps, generally used in offices and study tables, are also suitable as night lamps in your bedroom.

Table lamps are placed on the table top and are one of the best suitable things for light at lower altitude. These are in the dim lights category of lights designed for spaces where you don’t want to disturb other users in the room and still get sufficient lighting in a desired section of room or on the table top.

  1. Wall sconces

Have you seen lighting lamps on walls in art galleries or museums, that is a great source of lighting in your space that provides a royal look to the room.

Wall sconces are generally meant for areas with a long walkway or staircases to get sufficient lights to allow users for visibility in walk on path and also on top of your working table. Wall sconces are designed as indoors and outdoors fixtures.

  1. Recessed lightings

Used mostly as low lighting places where you are not supposed to work but if part of normal activities. Recessed lighting can be used on false ceilings only and are available in various sizes (normally smaller than regular lights) and shades. Shade for Recessed lightings can be a matter of choice based on room color and interior of the space.

At The End

As we discussed most sorts of lighting technologies, i.e, the most advanced and convenient ones. Choosing to problem solver, in every aspect, you could place LEDs all around the room to get enough, efficient and healthy lighting.

Hope the shared information helps!

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