How to Conserve Water at Home

How to Conserve Water at Home

Based on USGS, an average person uses between 80 to 100 gallons of water for home consumption daily within America. Despite flowing freely in most homes, the supply of natural freshwater is sparse. Three percent of the entire water on planet earth is fresh, whereby 2.5% of it is not fit for human consumption. Most accessible freshwater is held in polar ice caps or glaciers, highly polluted or too expensive to harvest from under the surface or the atmosphere. Therefore we only have 0.5% of consumable water on the earth’s surface, which is very little. It is, therefore, significant to conserve water at home in many ways.

Repair Leaky Faucets

It is astonishing to know the amount of water lost due to leaky taps every day in average homes. EPA stated that 10,000 gallons of consumable water is usually wasted every year in your home. That amounts to one trillion gallons of water only in America. The good thing is that EPA provides free advice on determining water leaks in your household. Within 10 minutes, you can quickly pick various water leaks, sort them out or call a plumber to do so. The plumber may use multiple tools such as pipe cutting tools to repair the leaky taps efficiently. It minimizes your water expenditure and general water wastage.

Turn off Your Taps While Doing Chores

It is simple to leave your water flowing when washing your dishes, hands, or produce even when not utilizing it. However, closing your faucets while carrying out different tasks can preserve a lot of water in your home. For just 20 seconds while washing your hands, you can lose ¼ of a gallon of water. It is mainly due to the increased number of times we wash our hands due to covid 19.

Do Not Allow the Toilet to Run Continuously

If you realize that your toilet is running continuously, get a different flapper by closing the water that gets into the bathroom and flushing to empty the tank. Detach the spoilt flapper from the bottom of the chain and tank, then restore it with a current one. If that is not effective, you might get a new toilet, especially an energy saver design.

Run the Sprinkles in the Morning

The best time to sprinkle your lawn is in the morning hours, as it inhibits the speed of evaporation caused by the afternoon heat. It implies that you will only utilize a minimal amount of water to water your lawn. Additionally, only use sprinklers that prevent water wastage by not sprinkling house sides or sidewalks. Try and position them directly on the grass or your property accurately.

Change Your Shower Routine

You may not know that showering for too long daily wastes a lot of water in your home. Home Water Works determined that an average American utilizes 15.8 gallons of water after taking 7.8 minutes in a shower. You can save some of this water by reducing the number of times you bathe in a day, time taken in the shower, and the number of times you wash your hair.

Only Wash Full Loads

You should ensure that the washing machine and the dishwasher are fully loaded before operating them. When washing smaller loads, utilize the settings for energy saving for less water usage. Furthermore, when getting a new appliance, get the water-saving designs with settings that allow you to regulate it based on the load.

Use a Rain Barrel

You should consider getting a rainwater barrel if you do not reside in Colorado, which has illegalized rainwater collection. It is an effective means of preserving the excess rainwater and preventing your home from water damage. You can utilize the collected water to perform outdoor activities and water the plants to save your water bills.

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The significance of water conservation in your home is arguably undeniable. Apart from conserving our lakes, rivers, wildlife, and estuaries, it also minimizes the water required for treatment. This highly saves our finances on water bills and the environment in general. Therefore everyone should use the given tips and many others for water conservation in our homes.

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