How Often Should You Get Exterior House Washing

How Often Should You Get Exterior House Washing

Your house is a home. But it’s also exterior.

An exterior that requires some love if your property doesn’t look crisp, shiny, and squeaky clean. So you’ve decided it’s time to wash your house. How often do you need to clean the exterior of your home, though? By washing the exterior, it will be pleasant to look at it.

Well, we’re here to help. Be sure to continue reading to catch our guide on when you should do exterior house washing.

At Least Every 6-12 Months

Exterior house washing should be done every 6–12 months, depending on the climate in your location. You may want to get it cleaned more often in more extreme environments. You can use window washing services to clean all the windows of your home that are exposed to the elements. It includes those along the sides or front of your house.

Services like this are designed to remove dirt, pollen, and other debris from your windows, leaving them sparkling clean. The windows should also be wiped down regularly with a cloth or damp rag to remove dust. Following these steps will help ensure your windows stay pristine and shine like they are brand new.

During the Winter Months

Getting exterior house washing done during the winter months is an essential step in caring for your home. It will make your home look beautiful and inviting, but regular house washing can also help protect your home’s exterior from the elements. Getting a professional house wash at least once a year is essential, but your home could benefit from biannual or even quarterly washing.

If your home is in an area of high environmental stress, such as close to a traveled road or near a beach, more frequent house washing can offer further protection to your home. Winter is a great time to get pressure washing done, as it helps clear away any buildup of dirt and grime and protects your home for the coming spring and summer months.

After Harsh Weather Conditions

It can happen more often after harsh weather conditions such as heavy winds, rain, or snow that can create dirt and grime buildup on the outside of the house. Doing an exterior cleaning helps maintain the house’s good condition and appearance, preserving the value of your property. It also helps prevent mold, mildew, and algae buildup, which can cause discoloration and damage to your siding, windows, and roof.

By doing regular home exterior washing, you can ensure that they stay in tip-top shape and look beautiful for years to come. A wash can help protect your home from the elements, decreasing your risk of costly repairs.

Consider This Guide for Exterior House Washing

Getting an exterior house wash every 6–12 months is best. Regular washing is the most cost-effective way to maintain the value of your home and ensure it looks its best. Invest in professional exterior house washing today to keep your home looking its best!

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